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Spiritual Lap Dance       More Eyes          Hemispherics        The Boundaries     The Electric Brain       New Eyes


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Wayob          Start in the Middle     Hypnotic Feedback      Gossip Cards     V8skan event


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0/0                        1 + 1 =3 on tour         Uniformity/Animality


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V8skan                  3 Novels…             Potentiality            Decision…            The Silence II            A Brain…         L’esprit de la forêt          The Future


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The Silence                  Poseidon…               Tactile…                 What Where….           Poseidon (performance)   Change and exchange

2012 – 2013

schendel.fahlström7 DSC04137 sadpardone1 detail  SNB13998   Works on Paper 2013

The Schendel…                Unhidden                   Her Sad Pardone          The Quantum Police       Malleability…            Works on paper

2010 – 2011

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>Unknown           (In)visible Dialogues         Putting out….                  Don’t Push….                    Imminent                  Observe the Appr…

2007 – 2009

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Young Dictators            Do not Go Gentle       Calabi-Yau Presents         Filling the City…

2004 – 2006


Democracy and Desire

2000 – 2003


I am a Curator

1990 – 1999

Mexico.(panorama.detalj)  Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 2.46.20 AM

Jogging in Exotic Cities     Begrepp – en Samling