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1+1=3 was hosted by IKLECTIK for a short residency during which they developed a new performance using two EEG-performers interconnected via modular synthesizers, creating consonance and dissonance, change and order, in a push-and-pull of conscious and unconscious brain processes. The resultant work ‘Hemispherics’ was performed at IKLECTIK, on Saturday, April 28th, followed by a talk and open discussion. For the first version of Hemispherics was: Per Huttner, Jean-Louis Huhta, Stephen Whitmarsh, Samon Takahashi and Robert Oostenveld)

1+1=3 is an interdisciplinary international collective working on the interface between performative art, music and neuroscience. Their research addresses the history of brainwave music, finding new ways of introducing contemporary neuroscience techniques and artistic concepts in a mixing of thoughts and ideas that originated in the late 60s with Alvin Lucier’s Music for Solo Performer. As part of their research, the group has developed the EEGsynth with which they can use live brain measurements to interface with analogue modular synthesizers, creating increasingly complex feedback loops between performer, audience and the sonic space.

The project is supported by Kulturbryggan and Helge Ax:son Johnsons fond.