New Eyes

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- Rönnells Antikvariat, Stockholm 27 September, 2018.

With Carima Neusser and with music by Siri Jennefelt and assistance by Amina Neusser.

The performance New Eyes is attempt to capture a research trip that the artists undertook to Mexico, California, Arizona and Brazil during three months of winter 2017-18. During the journey they made four performances at different venues together with artists from many different genres as well as researchers from several different fields. In each country, the partners were given the same brief: to think about how our lives would be constitutet if we had more than two eyes on our body. The goal of these collective and speculative investigations was to find new perspectives on our lives, our bodies and the world that surrounds us.

What the artists experienced is too big to recount in a single performance. They therefore decided reverse the logic usually applied in these situations. They take starting point in places, feelings paradoxical and interconnected phenomena instead of rationally retelling what they experienced. The performance focuses on four places, situations or moods.

There especially one key aspect that has interested the artists: When we experience something with our senses, the impressions rarely come alone. We see a truck passing. But we hear it too. We probabaly feel how the ground beneath our feet vibrates under its weight and you might even smell the resin of the freshly cut trees that are loaded in the back.