Meditative Striptease

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-Per Huttner participated in Transformation II, an online festival for BCI, neuro-feedback and music on French radio p-node., May 3, 2020.


Huttner will present “Meditative Striptease,” which is a live collaboration with Swedish choreographer Carima Neusser. The performance is inspired by Taoist traditions where sex (if practiced “correctly”) is considered a form of meditation. Per uses real time EEG (electroencephalogram) – measurements of brain activity on the scalp to create sounds. Carima uses EMG (electromyogram ) – measurements of muscle activity on the skin to affect the sounds. They also both use their voices and focus on different meditative breathing techniques throughout the hour while Carima strips while describing to the audience how she undresses.

For more info about the technical side of the performance visit the EEGsynth website.