Interactive Bar

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This was not technically an artwork. But since it was a really interesting and fun event that shows what can be done creatively on a short notice I would still like to share it. For “Transformation” that I organised together with the 1+1=3 collective in Stockholm in May/June 2019, we set up an interactive bar. I came up with the idea just before lunch and we carried it out during the afternoon. As the rest of us organised the practicalities of the bar, Robert Oostenveld did the necessary programming in just a few hours using the EEGsynth.

We created a digital menu that was displayed on the bar counter. I was working as a bartender. We had a band that measured my heart-rate. The programming was made so that when my heart rate went up, so did the price. This was told to the customers who had to be kind, calm and polite in order to get a good price for their drink. If the agitated me, the price of the drink would go up drastically.

At the same time we also measured my EEG. It was connected to a series of DMX-lights in the bar, so that they were controlled by my alpha waves. It was really fun working at the bar and really enjoyable to dialogue with the guests.