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- Andouillette, performed September 27, 16-18h at Aalto University, Espoo


Andouillette is a unique audio-visual performance by international art-science collective 1+1=3, created especially for the Finnish conference on Clinical Neurophysiology. In Andouillette, brain and body signals, e.g. EEG & iEMG, will be connected to modular synthesizers and video projections, creating musical audio-visual neurofeedback loops and deep listening experiences.

1+1=3 has been developing their performances, software and music, since 2014. In Espoo and Helsinki the pieces will be performed by Per Hüttner, Stephen Whitmarsh, Jean-Louis Huhta, Samon Takahashi and Robert Oostenveld.

The host of the event at Aalto is Veikko Jousmäki from Aalto NeuroImaging. He and the participating scientists and artists will answer your questions after the performance.

Aalto University (Väre)
Otaniementie 14
02150 Espo

1+1=3 is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund.