Island CO2


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- Performance in collaboration with Teatermaskinen September 8, 2023

For “Island CO2″ at Teatermaskinen in Sweden’s Bergslagen, Per Huttner and Karine Bonneval take their project “Do Trees Dream of CO2″ to the next level. In the performance they create a platform for communication between trees and humans. As the sun sets, the audience is invited on a short boat journey to a nearby and deserted island (that has been used by shamans from all over the world to do ceremonies). Once on the island the audience is taken for a short tour of it. They then lay down on specially designed mat around a tree.

The artists have reformatted scientific technology so that it can be used to create new and interesting artistic expressions using the EEGsynth platform. They have turned the technology that scientists use to study the internal communication of trees into artistic tools. This is used so that that the audience can listen to the trees’ internal signals. It is turned into something that we humans listen to and that is aesthetically interesting. Parallel to that, they also take signals from the audience’s brains in order to create sounds that are played to the roots of the trees, where they are the most sensitive to sound. The performance thus forms a platform for humans and trees to interact in new and exciting ways.

After the performance the audience is rowed back to Teatermaskinen where they are invited to a drink and to discuss their experience with the artists.

The project is supported by Kulturbryggan