Texts about Per Hüttner:

(Many texts about the artist appear on the projects page. Here you will find general texts about the artist’s work and texts translated to other languages)


Anders Olofsson, review (2015)
Li Xiaofei interview with Per Hüttner (2010)
Les  mutations actives de Per Hüttner, in French (2010)
Wang Dan interviews Per Hüttner (2010)

Cecilia Canziani – Imminent, in Chinese and in English (2010)
Two articles by James Westcott (2003 and 2006)
Zhang Wei – Xiao Yao You (2006)
Anders Olofsson – The World as a Place of Employment (2002)


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Texts by Per Hüttner:

Per Hüttner – Deterritorialisation, reterritorialisation and the BrainSynth – Text for the EEGynth project (2015)
Per Hüttner – I am a Curator 10 years later - Text for IAAC’s 10-year anniversary at DRAF in London (2014)
Per Hüttner – Jogging in Infinity - commissioned by Klas Eriksson (2014)
Per Hüttner – OuUnPo: Collapsing the Local with the Global - commissioned by Global Art and the Museum (2012)
Per Hüttner – Never Forget Temporality – commissioned by David Roberts Art Foundation (2012)
Per Hüttner and Hannah Rickards – I am a Curator (2005)
Per Hüttner – Introductionary (2005)

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