Works on Paper 2013


In 2013 a number of drawings reflecting on the relationship between image and text were developed. They connect to installations carried out in recent years that used text and monochrome colour fields. You will find some of these documented in the project Democracy and Desire.


black.matter.low   chairman.mao.low   justitia.low   norman.bates.low puffins.low    shrödinger2.low   snowflake.low   swimmers..low



A large number of drawings were produced in spring 2013 as part of a research into Swiss-Born, Brazilian artist Mira Schendel. A parallel investigation into Swedish artist Öyvind Fahlström formed a part of a project for Panorama at MAM in Sao Paulo.


mira1.low   mira2.low   mira5.low   mira8.low mira11.low   mira14.low   mira19.low   mira23.low mira25.low