Hypnotic Sound Journey


Ludvig Elblaus, Per Huttner and Thomas Auroux perform the work together. In the performance Auroux, who is a practising hypnotherapist, hypnotises Huttner. The latter is wearing an electroencephalogram (EEG) cap and Elblaus uses Huttner’s brain activity to make music in real time using specifically developed instruments. After a short theoretical introduction Elblaus makes a 15 musical journey where Huttner’s brain activity, amongst other things, influences the sound’s movement in the space. The trio uses quadrophonic sound and the audience is placed between the four speakers in order to strengthen the spatial aspect of the sound.

In the second part of the performance Auroux makes an induction and then asks Huttner to describe the space that they are in. He describes the room, members of the and the real is sometimes interspersed with surreal or unexpected details out of the ordinary. Elblaus continues to make sounds and also captures Huttner and Auroux’s voices in order to integrate them into the sound scape.

There is a 5 minute musical interlude and then Auroux asks Huttner to describe the space he would like to be in. Huttner paints pictures of landscapes that range from under water scenes to imaginary celestial rooms often inhabited by animals and other strange creatures. Auroux sometimes interrupts Huttner to ask his subconscious about details. Sometimes he also provokes his hypnotised colleague.

The performance is followed by a Q & A.

The performance was presented at Le Cube Garges on October 25 and at La Generale in Paris on November 1, 2023.

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