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Nobel laureate Roald Hoffmann talks about art, science and spirituality at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm

– September 17, 6 -8pm.

Vision Forum is proud to announce a unique opportunity to meet and listen to Roald Hoffmann chemist and artist. He writes poetry, plays and is currently working on an opera with a composer. In Hoffmann’s richly illustrated lecture, Hoffmann will move from chemistry, as an essential tool for making art to the artistic elements in the molecular science. He will then take on a more difficult task of sketching the spiritual ground which art and a science – that has creation at its heart – share. He will even take a wild leap to modern times, by posing a question that at first sight seems absurd: Is there an analogue in science to abstract art? We’ll see.

The event also hosts the first public presentation an artwork by Swedish artist, Per Hüttner that is devoted to Hoffmann’s work. It focuses on the laureate’s passion for the dialogue between science and art with aim of inspiring conversations on the topic. The artwork forms a part of a suite of pieces devoted to eight Nobel laureates that has been developed in dialogue with the museum.

Hoffmann received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1981, which he shared with Kenichi Fukui “for their theories, developed independently, concerning the course of chemical reactions.” Hoffmann is a theoretical chemist, which means that he does not really do experiments or have a laboratory. Instead he thinks and computes. He focuses on supporting the general public in understanding chemistry and inspiring fellow chemists to create and discover. His primary work tool is therefore writing, although he often underlines that drawing models of molecules or the locations of electrons in “orbitals” is a very important part of his practice.

The project is supported by Stockholm County Council and Stockholms Stad.