Surgery and Ontology

Chatenet, Paris 27/11/2021

The performance constitutes a journey backwards in Time. The artist and audience together dwell on questions about life and death and how western conceptions about the difference between subjects and objects influence our understanding of the world. The artist makes music and  projects images. Both reflect on the relationship between subjects and objects.

In making the music Huttner is assisted by Joakim Forsgren. The artist measures Forsgren’s brain activity using EEG which is sent to a computer where it influences the sounds that are produced.  There is also a surgical object, a scalpel, that is connected to a similar EEG devise and that influences the sounds generated a second computer.

The sounds are produced by a musical trio: two subjects and one object.

Some of the  projected images are modern, but mostly they are historical testimonies related to how surgery has developed over time. Most of them present situations where the subject object distinction is hard to make. Many of the images are animated to further underline the difficulty of defining subject and object.

The performance ends with a clip from Pier Paolo Pasolini’s “Medea” from 1969.

DSC02781.low jean-paul.surgery4.low jean-paul.surgery10.low jean-paul.surgery7.low