Internal Choreography

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’Internal Choreography’ is a set of 15 drawings that investigates how social conventions inform the individual person’s perception of the body. It looks for ways to rethink and more importantly re-feel the body. The work marries line-drawings from different traditions with short texts. It draws inspiration from Western medicine, somatic dance practices, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and other alternative medicine traditions.

Reflecting on the human body and its evolutionary history as well as its interactions with the outside world has always been central concerns Huttner’s artistic practice. In the work the artist draws from his experiences of creating music with his brainwaves in the performance collective 1+1=3 that he has been involved in since 2013. It is also influenced by collaborations with contemporary choregraphers that he has carried out since the early 1990s.

The drawings were first shown at TILT platform in Loutraki, Greece in summer 2019.


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