Change and Exchange

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Per Hüttner’s was invited to take part “Change & Exchange” since he has been involved in a large number of artistic exchanges between China and Europe since 2003. Both “change” and “exchange” also remain central aspects in his artistic practice.

Hüttner started together with the other artist of the exhibition to discuss the possibility of moving the entrance of the gallery and using another entry of the gallery. In order to facilitate this, Huttner created four signs made of mirrors that have the letters shapes that could be “X,” “Y,” “Ren” (Chinese character that means human being that looks like an upside down “Y”) and finally an unknown character that also looks like a “Y.” These signs will guide (or mislead) the audience into the new entrance.

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The sculpture installed in the exhibition that is made of an extended ladder and an extended mirror could also be seen as a dialogue about the relationship between the philosophies of east and west. According to the ancient “I-ching” or “Book of Changes,” we should aspire to find balance in our lives and pay close attention to how events are repeated in nature and in human actions. Two of the main principles are male (heaven) and female (earth). In the piece Hüttner both plays with and creates confusion about what is “heaven” and what is earth in this piece.

“Look into the Heavens and See Yourself,”  2014, extended ladder, extended mirror and clamps, 500 x 290 x 47cm
“X, Y, ren und unbekannt,” 2014, wood, gold leaf on mirror and Swedish lanterns for the opening (placed outside the gallery.) Four pieces each 75 x 70 x 30cm
“Moved Entrance,” (2014), displacement of gallery entrance and of light fittings, variable sizes.

Organised by Collaboration Project and curated by FCAC at Halle 50 and Wekstattkino in Munich May 2014.