Neu Oscillations

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- -3031 Art Fest in Cairo, March 12, 2022 at 7.30pm @ Darb 1718 Art Centre and at “Vetenskapsfestivalen” in Gothenburg May 7, 2022.

LPJ-L is a new performance configuration using the EEGsynth. They will perform “Neu Oscillations,” a 1 hour piece conceived by the group during Nordic workshops organised and carried out by Vision Forum in Sweden and Denmark in 2019-2021. LPJ-L will shortly launch their website and release their first album. “Neu Oscillations” will also appears on Swedish National Radio’s “Elektroniskt” which devotes a large chunk of their 2h broadcast to our project LPJ-L and how they use brainwaves to make music. The interviews are in Swedish, but the music is of course in “Esperanto.” You find the whole show and/or the interviews here: ( It is an interesting journey into the limits of perception and how music is created.

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