With Friends


May 23-26, 2019 Galleri Ekdahl will present performances, events and talks of and with the artist Per Hüttner. The artist will bring together collaborative partners from media, music and dance.  The program brings together works created during the last two years and focuses on creativity, exchanges between unexpected conversation partners and activities that focus on finding new forms of problem solving.

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1. Thursday, May 23 – 19:30

- Conversation on creativity and research: Per Hüttner together with Bengt and Ulf Alsterlind.

Per and Ulf grew up together and Bengt constantly took the two boys with them out on adventures. The three discovered the world and themselves in the most magical ways. Together, they discuss how to stimulate creativity, discovery as well as how social norms stop many people from enjoying the full potential in life.

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2. Friday 24 May – 19:30

- New Eyes – Performance with Per Hüttner and choreographer Carima Neusser with live music based on compositions by Siri Jennefelt.

The performance is based on a research trip to Mexico, the USA and Brazil. The work contains newly composed music, choreography, slide shows, scents, flavors and videos. It takes inspiration from baroque churches, Mexican soap operas, bat research, meetings with the Apache nation, modernist Brazilian literature and street food. The performance is like the journey it describes: the one who cannot be rationally understood, but must be experienced with all five senses.

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3. Saturday 25 May – 16:00

- NeuroFeedback: by 1 + 1 = 3 (Per Huttner and Jean-Louis Huhta Concert / performance with the EEGsynth.)

In the work we measure Per’s EEG (electroencephalogram) in real time. The signal is converted into a control signal that goes into the Jean-Louis modular synth and which he uses to create music. Per, in turn, hears the sounds which cause his brain waves to be affected, which in turn affects the music and so on. The work is a performance where feedback between musicians and EEG forms creates unexpected sound, light, image and which also affects the audience in unexpected ways. It is also the first time that 1+1=3 performs publicly without the presence of a neuroscientist – a giant leap for the EEGsynth development.

Galleri Ekdahl
Sundbergsgatan 20
65219 Karlstad, Sweden

The project is produced by Galleri Ekdahl with Vision Forum and is supported by the Swedish Arts Council and the Nordic Culture Fund.