To the far north


Vision Forum is travelling to Kirkenes and Murmansk with Wooloo Denmark and Pikene på Broen.
 Together they will investigate how the development of digital technologies and the rising price of real estate in our city centres affect the relationship between home and work. Together they will focus on three questions:
- How are the boundaries between living space and working space changing? How does architecture and city planning respond to these challenges?
- How can we make our daily life at work more rewarding?
- How can the young develop new ways to earn a living that makes them feel appreciated and engaged?
The group hopes to create a better understanding about the potential for the future of work and what can be done to make it more inspiring for the workforce and how people can find a deeper meaning in their existence. The research will create a better historical understanding about how the home and the workplace are linked as well as how art and culture can actively be a part of changing the social and physical fabric of the city.
The project will offer new contacts between four Nordic and a Russian city (Copenhagen, Kirkenes, Stockholm, Norrköping and Murmansk) and offer them an important creative and critical input. It will offer new ideas about how Nordic cities and their social networks can function more dynamically in the future. It will inspire new dialogues between disconnected players and develop methods and knowledge with long-lasting effects and impact.
The network’s activities will lay the foundation for an exhibition and connected events in conjunction with “Vallastaden 2017,” which is an international architectural expo that looks at the future of living and working. In preparation for the exhibition a group of Nordic creators will live with families in Linköping during two weeks and together reflect on the problematics of the project. This working method is based on Wooloo’s previous experiences with “Applied Hospitality” and will develop these ideas in a broader Nordic context.

The artists Lise Yuen, William Rawlings, Li Xiaofei and Per Huttner will travel in the project and meet artists and cultural workers from the region.