Stuff It Again


Per Huttner was one of the artists who in 1998 participated in “Stuff it” at the artist run space “Ynglingagatan 1.” Huttner one of the organisers of another artist run space  in Stockholm, “Konstakuten” that he opened with 3 colleagues in 1996. “Stuff it” was in part a social event in where the meeting between artists was in focus. Peter Geschwind  was one of the co-founders of Ynglingagatan 1). In conjunction with his exhibition “After Image” at Bonniers Konsthall,  they create a second “version” of “Stuff it” at one of its galleries in the museum and they welcome artist to participate with work. The curator of  “After Image” contacted all the artists who participated in the exhibition 25 years ago. Both exhibition are open until April 2, 2023.