Per Huttner on Italian Radio


Italian Radio station “Firefly Frequencies” dedicate the first episode of their series “An Archive of Dreams” to the project “Delta” in February 2021. In Delta, Per Huttner creates performances for sleeping audiences. Together with neuroscientists, musicians and artists from multiple European countries he develops technology and content to enrich the nocturnal lives of dreamers and sleepers. In the process they use the EEG synth, which Vision Forum has been developing since 2013 with multiple European partners and which has been used to stage many performances around the Globe.

The radio show is entitled “The Sound of Sleep” and can be accessed any time on the Firefly Frequencies website. It contains multiple tracks that Per Huttner has created based on the delta signals of Italian artist Emilio Fantin when he is in deep sleep. Fantin is also a part of the team behind the project Delta. Delta waves, that have given the name to project, are the most prominent in the sleeping brain and are not extensively present in the waking persons neural activity. Little is known about their function, but it is clear that delta activity during sleep is essential for human well-being.