Per Huttner at Pinacoteca and SPET in Sao Paulo


For the OuUnPo session  “We Are what We Lost,”  (November 7-16, 2014) Huttner will organise a tour through the tactile collection of Pinacoteca. In order to underline the tactile aspect he will “deprive” the audience of one of its senses. Rather than depriving them of their sight, which would be the expected thing to do, he will make the whole performance silent. In other words no one will speak. The audience will be lead through the collection (by OuUnPo members) – with the idea that the visitor feels the sculptures and their guide at the same time. The OuUnPo members will wear specially designed clothes by French fashion designer Emilia Rota. The clothes will be designed in a way so that they indicate which parts of the bodies can be touched and which cannot. The tour will start in the normal collection and each pair will cross one of the walking bridges at Pinacoteca and enter into the tactile collection. The OuUnPo members will also art encourage the audience to touch architectural details and other non-art objects. When the audience is waiting (before and after) the group will remain silent, while filing their nails and doing other actions from Helio Oiticica’s work.

Huttner will also present an experimental performance in collaboration with local artist Gustavo Sol, neuroscientist Stephen Whitmarsh and sound artist Jean-Louis Huhta. The performance is based on Samuel Beckett’s last play “What Where” and looks for alternative forms of creating scores for performances using neuroscientific and digital technologies.