More Eyes in SoCal


Join Swedish visual artist Per Huttner and choreographer Carima Neusser as they bring together participants from visual art, choreography and neuroscience. This workshop will act as a collective and speculative investigation into what every day human life would be like if our bodies were equipped with more eyes than the two we have. What would that mean for human anatomy, the body’s movements, philosophy, technology, fashion and art? Participants will investigate how technology can offer eyes to see and embody experiences that were previously out of reach for us–from the invention of the first telescope and microscope to surgeons operating through the internet, as well as man controlling the Mars Rover from earth, and more.

Together participants will search for new questions and perspectives, and use their creative practices to imagine alternative futures and pasts. How can this speculative thought experiment influence our future?

A Workshop + Collective Speculative Journey
Saturday, February 10
12 – 2 PM
FREE and open to the public

Torrance Art Museum, 3320 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA, 90503