Miraculous at Elbirou


Per Huttner will perform Mira Miraculous for the opening of “You Are not A Guest,” curated by Abir Boukhari at Elbirou Gallery in Sousse. The opening starts April 17, 2023 at 18h and the performance at 21h. Everyone is welcome and entrance is free.

Mira Miraculous is a performance that investigates the relationship between the human inner world and the world that surrounds us. It is divided into two parts. In the first part Huttner invites the audience to an introspection exercise. While listening to subdued ambient music the participants are invited to massage special cream into their hands. They then close their eyes and spend some time to first relax and then investigate how their hands feel. How does the skin, bones, ligaments, muscles and nails feel? What is the individual traits of the fingers and the thumb? How does the palm feel different to the upper side of the hand?

With their eyes still closed. They then continue to investigate their inner world with the same curiosity and warmth that they have sensed their hands. Special attention is given to the music and its influence on their inner worlds. How does music affect one’s inner feeling? Does it make one calm or affect one in different ways? Does it evoke colours, images or other sensations?

After the introspection exercise, the audience is invited to move into the main gallery space. Here the music becomes louder. A member of the audience lies on a bench in front of an empty film screen. The person wears an electroencephalogram (EEG) headset and engages in introspection. The signals generated by his brain are sent in real time to Huttner’s computer and affects the sound. The audience sits down, Huttner turns on the video projector.

The audience then watches a 20 minute long film that reflects on introspection (see stills and trailer below.) We see a woman who is engaged in introspection. She moves from reality to reality throughout the film. She also uses the same hand cream that the audience all wear and the cream has magical effects on the surrounding world. While the audience watches the film, Huttner makes music based on LaChambre’s brain waves, creating infinite feedback loops between the different levels of introspection in the film and in the space.