La Durée Workshop at the Nobel Museum

On March 17, Per Hüttner and Fatos Üstek held a talk and a workshop with the staff and educators at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm to prepare for the project they will present in 2014. In the internal memo to the museum they write

“The project that we bring to the Nobel museum is an attempt to relate slightly differently to the institution. We investigate where it is possible to slightly shift how people think about the museum and how the audiences interact with what is on display. We do so with the hope of making the daily working process a little bit more interesting for you, the audience and us. We try to bring out the innate curiosity that lives in all of us and at the same time re-activate the knowledge produced by eight laureates. In order to do this we are dependent on a series of dialogues and exchanges:

We are relatively ignorant about your audience therefore dependent on your expertise as educators and also to tap into your experiences and knowledge in mediating what you know about the museum and the laureates. The workshop will be an opportunity both talk about these questions and also to discuss the 7 briefcases that will play the central role in the project – so that we together can agree on how to create the briefcases in the best of ways.”