Governing Bodies: Huttner Leads the Microbians


- Microbe workshops in Copenhagen 1-3/10/2021

Per Huttner together with Danish artist Emil Krog organise a workshop about humans’ symbiosis with microbes. The works will revolve around exploring the microbial life in our bodies through cooking together, looking at artworks, making public events, having fun and much more.

Huttner will present specially created sound and moving images for lectures by researchers Elias Arnér (biochemistry) and Giada Lo Re (Material science).


Krog will introduce some chunks of thinking and art-making from the historic trends of Vitalism that vibrated through art, culture and science in the 18th and 19th century.  The scientific theory of vitalism was an attempt to attribute a sudden life force or spirit to all living organisms. The theory has been disproven when organic molecules were artificially synthesised and has been put on the shelf in the world of science.

As a co-evolving group the Governing Bodies team can experiment around with some of these ideas and combine it with our overarching theme being the life of the marvellous microbes.