Dreams Sometimes Come True


Per Huttner is leading a new project for Vision Forum with the working title “Sleep with Me.” It is a project where a group of artists and neuroscientists develop performances for sleeping audiences. Together they investigate how signals from EEG, heartbeat and breathing in a sleeping person can be use to generate sounds, lights and changes in temperature in real time. Since the artistic output is influenced by the sleeper, the group sees the events as performances co-created with the sleeping person. Collectively the different participants want to know more about how artistically created output can influence the sleeper. The project currently includes participants from visual art, music and neuroscience from Sweden, Italy, France and the Netherlands and will be expanded as the project develops. The Vision Forum team is proud to announce that we have been awarded a grant from Kulturbryggan in Stockholm to fund the project’s development. More info soon on Vision Forum’s Current Projects page.