Biblioteca Vasconcelos in Mexico City

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Per Huttner and Carima Neusser will organise a performative guided tour through the Biblioteca Vasconcelos with the goal of shifting the perception and understanding of the world that surrounds us ever so slightly for a small audience of 20 people. Together with independent researcher Sandra Gonzales Santos and philosopher of mind Miguel Angel Sebastian they investigate how having and extra eye attached or integrated to the body open novel perspectives on our every day experience. What would that mean for human anatomy, the body’s movements, our philosophy, technology, fashion and art? They will  look into how technology can offer eyes to see and embody experiences that were previously out of reach for us, an exploration that mankind has engaged in since the time of first telescope and microscope. This tradition continues now that man can control rovers on Mars or carry out surgery via the internet using modern technology. Together the four will undertake a speculative journey that will trigger the imagination of the audience and allow philosophy, science and technology studies, visual art and choreography to meet in a fun and challenging way.

More information (in Spanish) here.