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28:th February - 6:th March
Natalia Kamia - Invisible study x

7:th March - 13:th March.
Yan Jun - Sunflower Seeds Dialogue

14:th March - 20:th March
Samon Takahashi - (In)visible Dialogue

21:st March - 27:th March
Richard Alalouf + Andy Cox - Salty Curse

28:th March - 3:rd April
Ebbot Lundberg - Mind

Natalia Kamia
was born in 1961 in Russia.
EDUCATION: 1969–1977: classical piano for Inna Jamchanov, Odessa, Ukraine. 1980–1986: English language and literature, State University of Odessa, Ukraine. 1999–2001: classical/Afro-American piano, Helsjöns Folkhögskola, Sweden. 2008–2010: Tvärmedial gestaltning, Linköpings Universitet, Sweden.
SELECTED PERFORMANCES (piano improvisations/experimental music) September 2006: Unstructured and nonconceptual…, Bohuslänsmuseet, Uddevalla, Sweden; duo with Martin Nurmi. November 2009: One moment in time, Verkstad för konst, Norrköping, Sweden. November 2010: Total transparency, Ice Father Nation, NO:ID Gallery, London, UK.

Yan Jun
works with sound and language. Born in Lanzhou in 1973, and now based in Beijing, he received a B.A. in Chinese Literature. His work involves feedback, voice and field recording, sitespecific sound installations, improv music, writing, publishing and curating. He founded Sub Jam, which ran weekly events at Waterland Kwanyin from 2005–2010, as well as the annual festival Mini Midi, which has been running since 2005. He is now a member of Fareast Network (FEN), alongside Otomo Yoshihide, Ryu Hankil and Yuen Cheewai.
www.yanjun.org, www.subjam.org

Samon Takahashi
is a visual and sound artist based in Paris,France. He draws from rational organizational systems and their capacity to classify almost everything to compose in a rigorously crazy manner. (Fiction and/or laughing are also an integral part of his work.) In front of this work we experience both the complexity of a demonstration and the failure of rational system jeopardized by absurdity” - Marie Bonnet

Richard Allalouf and Andy Cox
This is the second time Richard and Andy have worked together with Per Hüttner. In 2002 they produced a sound installation for Curatorial Market at Cuchifritos & Essex St. Market, New York. Andy Cox is an artist and musician, and lives in London; Richard Allalouf lives in London with his wife and two children.

Ebbot Lundberg
was born in Västerås in 1966 and lives in Gothenburg, Sweden. He is an artist, composer, producer and frontman of The Soundtrack of Our Lives, which, since its formation in 1995, has been one of Scandinavia’s most influential and critically acclaimed acts. The band has appeared on TV shows including David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jools Holland and Jay Leno and has toured all over the world. The band was nominated for an American Grammy for best alternative album (Behind The Music) in 2003. Before The Soundrack of Our Lives was formed, Ebbot Lundberg began his artistic musical career in the controversial underground band Union Carbide Productions. Active between 1986 and 1993, UCP gathered fans such as Jello Biafra, Richard Kern and Kurt Cobain. Ebbot Lundberg has worked as a producer for many other bands over the years and is also a member of the New Alchemy and Audio Laboratory, alongside artists Per Svensson, Jean-Louis Huhta, Clay Ketter and Mats Gustafsson. The Soundtrack is currently on tour in India.