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In 1992, Per Hüttner - then a graduating student at Konsthögskolan in Stockholm, created "Begrepp - En Samling" ("Concepts - A Collection") for his degree show. The project was a collaboration with Elias Arnér, at that time a graduate student at Karolinska Institutet. The project included an exhibition at Galleri Mejan, a catalogue designed by Karin Nyberg and Guillermo Allende, a series of lectures open to the public held at Konstakademien. In the exhibition one could see how the heart and the brain was represented and researched in a wide variety of contexts: as symbols in religious or occult rituals, under the gaze of medical research, in literature and art, or even their use as ingredients in food. The lectures were held by Professor Lennart Wetterberg on the subject of how Swedenborg looked at the brain, Professor Erna Möller and the artist Lenke Rothman dialogued about creativity in their respective fields; Professor Rolf Luft examined social and cultural implications among Nobel Laureates in the sciences and Lars Olson talked about how a medial scientist sees the Brain. Each lecturer also contributed with a text in the publication.