Vision Forum Film publication


Per Hüttner contributes with two texts to the catalogue “Vision Forum Film Three Film Collaborations between Sweden and China.”It looks at three projects that Vision Forum has undertaken in 2011-12: The River by Yang Tingting, Effektivia by Jesper Frilund and Assembly Line by Li Xiaofei. The book is edited by Rudi Heinrichsen, translated by Yan Rong and beautifully designed by Erik Månsson.

“This publication is the outcome of “Film and Visual Art: Globalization and Democracy in Sweden and China” , a project that we have developed, in cooperation with Fei Art Center in Shanghai, in order to inspire young people to become involved in issues of globalization, democracy, and human rights through collaborative film ventures. We have brought together young people from Sweden and China and allowed them to reflect on how human beings respond to the pressure that is put on young people in our globalised world.”

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