The Microbiome event – Science, Ethics and Art

A previously unknown world of microbes is being revealed by current discoveries in many different fields. What is discovered drastically changes the way we understand ourselves. Naturally questions arise: How can these tiny creatures inform our lives? Where do we encounter them? How can we live in symbiosis?

An international group of artists, thinkers and researchers who work with these questions want to open a for a larger conversation. We both want to share what interdisciplinarity has taught us and discover what we can learn from you. We therefore gather people from many walks of life to come together, think about these questions and create a platform for shared learning.

This is why we would like to invite you to our first Microbiome event: where science, ethics and art meet. Together we will explore the microbiology of our surroundings and introduce different aspects of bacterial life. It starts with an unconventional guided visit through the Ghent University Museum where you will meet scientists, artists, philosophers and be surprised by some practical experiments and inspired conversations that they engage in. After that, we can discuss freely while listening to microbes making music, over a drink and snacks.

Where: Ghent University Museum, GUM, Karel Lodewijk Ledeganckstraat 35, Gand, BE 9000
When: Wednesday June 7, 2023 at 14:00

Guided visit with the participation of:
Marjan De Mey, Dptmt Biotech – UGent;
Giada Lo Re (with sound by Per Huttner) – Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden;
Sarah Lebeer – UAntwerp
Christina Stadlbauer and Bart Vandeput – UGent.
Supported by: Cara Deal, Chiara Guidi, Jasmine De Baets, Nele Buyst, Varsha Paleri.

Reception with the participation of:
Kristien Hens – UAntwerp
Per Hüttner and Till Bovermann – Microbial sounds



If you want to join us. Just drop a line to info [at]