Per Huttner in Casablanca


Per Huttner has been invited to show the performance “Mira Miraculous” at the 29th edition of the FIAV festival in Casablanca. It is the first time that he travels and shows work in Morocco. The work is presented at Instituto Cervantes on November 9 at 17.00. Entrance is free to all events in the festival

Mira Miraculous is a performance that investigates the relationship between the human inner world and the world that surrounds us. It is divided into two parts. In the first part Huttner invites the audience to an introspection exercise. While listening to subdued ambient music the participants are invited to massage special cream into their hands. They then close their eyes and spend some time to first relax and then investigate how their hands feel. How does the skin, bones, ligaments, muscles and nails feel? nce

After the introspection exercise, the audience is invited to watch a 20 minute long film that reflects on introspection. We see a woman who is engaged in introspection. She moves from reality to reality throughout the film. She also uses the same hand cream that the audience all wear and the cream has magical effects on the surrounding world. While the audience watches the film, Huttner makes music based on  brain waves, creating infinite feedback loops between the different levels of introspection in the film and in the space.