Penicillin Ontology and More


Per Hüttner has supported Freddie Ross with the process of editing the publication Governing Bodies publication. He also contributes with a text where he writes about “Penicillin Ontology,” the work of Lygia Clark and the shaman and activist Davi Kopenawa.

Since 2018, artists, musicians, dancers, researchers, psychiatrists and thinkers have met, discussed, eaten and made art events about the microorganisms that reside in our bodies. The book documents some of the theories and practices that have come out of these meetings. It also constitutes an exploration into what happens when different forms of knowledge come together and investigate the same subject from different angles and perspectives. It is created to inspire new thinking, new eating habits and new perspectives on art and science. The contributors offer inspiration to everyone’s daily lives by reflecting on what happens when we see ourselves as living, walking ecosystems rather than individuals.

The book’s editor Freddie Ross writes in the introduction: “Microbes, it seems, govern almost everything. This realization raises some fascinating questions about things we previously took for granted. It forces us to reevaluate the idea of microbes as one-sided plague-bearers. It also makes us question who we really are. What makes me me? Where do I end and the microbes within me begin? How do microbes shape us and our lives? “

Other contributions by: Maibritt Giacobini, Elias Arnér, Freddie Ross, Kurt Johannessen, Carima Neusser, Emil Krogh and Giada Lo Re. The anthology was edited by Freddie Ross.

To order your copy, please drop a line to info [at] The project and publication is supported by Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point, Längmanska kulturfonden and Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland.