More Eyes in SoCal


Join Swedish visual artist Per Huttner and choreographer Carima Neusser as they bring together participants from visual art, choreography and neuroscience. This workshop will act as a collective and speculative investigation into what every day human life would be like if our bodies were equipped with more eyes than the two we have. What would that mean for human anatomy, the body’s movements, philosophy, technology, fashion and art? Participants will investigate how technology can offer eyes to see and embody experiences that were previously out of reach for us–from the invention of the first telescope and microscope to surgeons operating through the internet, as well as man controlling the Mars Rover from earth, and more.

Together participants will search for new questions and perspectives, and use their creative practices to imagine alternative futures and pasts. How can this speculative thought experiment influence our future?

A Workshop + Collective Speculative Journey
Saturday, February 10
12 – 2 PM
FREE and open to the public

Torrance Art Museum, 3320 Civic Center Drive, Torrance, CA, 90503

Spiritual Lap Dance in Los Angeles


Spiritual Lap Dance is a performance by visual artist Per Huttner and choreographer and dancer Carima Neusser that takes place at Winslow Garage in the evening of February 5 (6-9pm). The individual members of the audience are invited one by one to sit on a chair in the virtually empty and dark garage. In the dark there will be loud music, spiritual matters addressed and some dancing. The Performance forms a part of Huttner and Neusser’s ongoing investigation into how our lives, technologies, sciences, entertainment and fashion would be different like if humans were endowed with more eyes than the two we currently have. Connected events will be performed in Torrance CA, Mexico City and Sao Paulo in February and March. They collaborate with choreographers, artists and neuroscientists as they travel. For the current event very little of the higher brain functions will be activated.

Spiritual Lap Dance is supported by the Swedish Arts Council and Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse

Biblioteca Vasconcelos in Mexico City

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 13.16.21

Per Huttner and Carima Neusser will organise a performative guided tour through the Biblioteca Vasconcelos with the goal of shifting the perception and understanding of the world that surrounds us ever so slightly for a small audience of 20 people. Together with independent researcher Sandra Gonzales Santos and philosopher of mind Miguel Angel Sebastian they investigate how having and extra eye attached or integrated to the body open novel perspectives on our every day experience. What would that mean for human anatomy, the body’s movements, our philosophy, technology, fashion and art? They will  look into how technology can offer eyes to see and embody experiences that were previously out of reach for us, an exploration that mankind has engaged in since the time of first telescope and microscope. This tradition continues now that man can control rovers on Mars or carry out surgery via the internet using modern technology. Together the four will undertake a speculative journey that will trigger the imagination of the audience and allow philosophy, science and technology studies, visual art and choreography to meet in a fun and challenging way.

More information (in Spanish) here.

MKP at CICO in Mexico City


MKP (Tomorrow’s Art Audiences) has been working with students at CICO (Center for Choregraphic Investigation in Mexico City in January. Together they have been developing new format for integration methods from contemporary art into education in dance and Choreography. The project is supported by Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse, Stockholm stad and the Swedish Arts Council.

The EEGsynth Wins Important Grant per.huttner

The EEGsynth and 1+1=3 have been rewarded a considerable Kulturbryggan grant. With this grant the group will develop ways to fuse musicians’ brains, furthering our interdisciplinary research in brain-synthesis. Specifically, we will create ways for people to “jam” together, by connecting their EEG to sound equipment. It will allow anyone with a brain – irrespective of clumsy hands, or any hands at all – to use their brain as an instrument and learn to communicate in non-verbal way through sound and musical.

Per Huttner at Maison Victor Hugo

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 22.35.32 copy

As a part of  “Capital(e) Lumière” Per Huttner presents his video “Winter Golf.”  The three day event takes place at Maison Victor Hugo in Besançon. The event is organised by Montagne Froide, a collective engaged in research, promotion and presentation of contemporary art.

November 24 -27,  2017, from 18:00 and throughout the night
Maison Victor Hugo

1+1=3 at Fullersta Gård in Stockholm


1+1= 3 will present a new performance in conjunction with the opening of “If Seeing is Believing” curated by Susanne Ewerlöf at Fullersta gård in Huddinge. The trio will reflect on time and cyclicality in neuroscience, art and music between 12 noon and 4pm on November 11, 2017.

Living organisms are  framed by the cycles of their environment, but they do not passively mirror them: from the circadian generator to heart pacemaker cells, biological organisms embed different kinds of cycles. More than that, they are themselves embedded in the cycles of birth and death. In a way, our mind is a micro-cosmos of synchronization: Using electroencephalography (EEG) the group can record oscillatory activity in the brain and observe their and waxing and waning in time with our mental life. It is, in fact, possible to understand the relationship between our mental life and EEG activity to a degree that we can learn to control them. Especially if we, thanks to modern neuroscience, are able to experience them directly. For this purpose 1+1=3 has developed the EEGsynth, with which they transform EEG into sound and explore the rhythms of the brain. The EEGsynth is a collaborative interdisciplinary open-source and open-hardware project, bringing together musicians, artists, neuroscientists and developers in artistic, pedagogical and scientific exploration.

1+1=3 has started creating an album and a publication using the EEGsynth, and in which they explore the relationship between brain activity, sound, and time. The will be using using their sonic and EEG instruments to create and manipulate sonic expressions of time. They will  invite the visitor to join them in this investigation, to see how we work, and discuss with us your ideas of time, and how we can enter into it.

Our Need for Consolation


Per Huttner travels for Vision Forum in the Nordic countries in the next few weeks. The visits include research in Copenhagen, Jakobsdal and Helsinki in preparation for the project “Our Need for Consolation.” He will also make a series of lectures Jakobsdal in order to inspire them to develop the new museum/culture institution they are creating. He will also meet with the Medical Museion in Denmark to learn more about their work and expansive plans for the future.

1+1=3 in Växjö
- Jean-Louis Huhta (musician), Per Huttner (visual artist) and Hernan Anllo (neuroscientist and hypnotist)
Media Artes and Vision Forum are proud to announce a 1+1=3 performance. During the event Huhta will present a musical improvisation based on an EEG-recording of Huttner’s brain activity during hypnosis. He will feed the pre-recorded signals into his modular synthesizer to shape the control signals into a dynamic soundscape, using software and hardware developed by the collective.
The event will begin with Huhta being hypnotised by Anllo. The suggestion will make Huhta believe that his modular synthesizer controls Huttner’s brain cells and mental capacities. He will be asked to “give sense to Huttner’s brain” and to “put it back together.” At the same time the audience will be able to see images of the original hypnotic session mixed with real time videos from the event. Through this process the performers will reflect on artistic intention and the control mechanisms that are used in artistic performances.
Växjö konsthall

Västra Esplanaden 10, 351 12 Växjö, Sweden
Per Huttner in the south of France

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 14.50.24

Per Huttner participates in the group exhibition ‘Can Contemporary Art Be a Party’ at L’Aspirateur in Narbonne. Huttner shows work that was created for the project ‘Ö – a Möbius Trip.’ The exhibition is curated by Laurent Deveze and is open from September 23 – November 25, 2017. More info here.

Roald Hoffmann and Per Huttner at the Nobel museum


Nobel laureate Roald Hoffmann talks about art, science and spirituality at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm

– September 17, 6 -8pm.

We are proud to announce a unique opportunity to meet and listen to Roald Hoffmann chemist and artist. He writes poetry, plays and is currently working on an opera with a composer. In Hoffmann’s richly illustrated lecture, Hoffmann will move from chemistry, as an essential tool for making art to the artistic elements in the molecular science. He will then take on a more difficult task of sketching the spiritual ground which art and a science – that has creation at its heart – share. He will even take a wild leap to modern times, by posing a question that at first sight seems absurd: Is there an analogue in science to abstract art? We’ll see.

The event also hosts the first public presentation an artwork by Swedish artist, Per Hüttner that is devoted to Hoffmann’s work. It focuses on the laureate’s passion for the dialogue between science and art with aim of inspiring conversations on the topic. The artwork forms a part of a suite of pieces devoted to eight Nobel laureates that has been developed in dialogue with the museum.

Hoffmann received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1981, which he shared with Kenichi Fukui “for their theories, developed independently, concerning the course of chemical reactions.” Hoffmann is a theoretical chemist, which means that he does not really do experiments or have a laboratory. Instead he thinks and computes. He focuses on supporting the general public in understanding chemistry and inspiring fellow chemists to create and discover. His primary work tool is therefore writing, although he often underlines that drawing models of molecules or the locations of electrons in “orbitals” is a very important part of his practice.

Come join us for this inspiring event. It is free of charge and the bar is open from 6pm. There is a limited number of seats, and booking is essential. So make sure you book your seat as soon as possible using this link.

The project is supported by Stockholm County Council and Stockholms Stad.

MKP at Hallwylska museet


Tomorrow’s Art Audiences is an ongoing research project that investigates how the methods of contemporary art can revitalise education and learning among the young. We are collaborating with young creators at St. Eriksgymnasiet and Kristofferskolan in  Stockholm. Per Huttner and Carima Neusser develop new methodologies in cooperation with Lars Palm at the Linnéuniversity. We acknowledge that all private and public sites have different layers of stories. Some are obvious, while others require closer scrutiny to become visible. The project shows how artistic methods and strategies can be used in a site-specific survey where hidden stories are made visible. The process thus shows how we can create an understanding of our world. There will be public presentations at Hallwylska museet in central Stockholm, September 20, 1-7pm.

Vallastaden 2017


“The Artist Home Away” reflects on what the artist’s role could or should be in contemporary society as well as how the dialogue between artist and their audiences can become more dynamic. It does so from the perspective of how we look at work, private life and how the two interact. The artwork is presented at “Vallastaden 2017,” an international architectural expo that looks for dynamic solutions for future living.

Selected events from the pogram:

- Sixten Nielsen from Human Hotel lectures and works with students from Linköping University.
- Installtions and presentations by participating artists Lise Yuen Kolstad and Li Xiaofei,
Carima Neusser,  Siri Jennefelt. and Per Hüttner perform for and create workshops in dialogue with students from Linköping University.

The project is organised with Tomorrow’s Art Audience,  supported by Linköpings universitet, Nordic Culture Fund as well as 1/17 Volt. More info here.

Local Minima at Fullersta Gård

local minima20

- An interdisciplinary journey in and around Stockholm/Huddinge on May 20, 2017.

This is a unique invitation to a magical and rare event. You are welcome to join an international group of artists and researchers as they explore the mathematical and psychological concept of Local Minima. The exploration takes the shape of a bus tour through off-sites of Flemingsberg and Huddinge, south of Stockholm. It is part research, part game, part performance that will take you to unfamiliar locations and to discover unknown places.

Local Minima includes contributions by Predrag Petrovic,  Alicja Rogalska, Fabien Guillermont, Per Huttner, Mounira al Solh and more to be announced. The participants will meet you when you arrive at the journey’s destination and you will have the opportunity to discuss your experiences with them and your fellow travellers.

When: 20 May; 13.00-18.00 (approximate times)
Where: Pick up and drop off in central Stockholm . The  tour will go to Flemingsberg and to Fullersta Gård in central Huddinge (Fullersta Gårdsväg 18). Details TBA.
How: Everyone is invited to join and it is free of charge. Further details will be announced. You can book your seat on the bus or ask questions by contacting Susanne Ewerlöf at Fullersta Gård: susanne.ewerlof (at)

The project is a collaboration with Karolinska institutet, Fullersta Gård and supported by Kulturbryggan.

Hypnotic Feedback at Rönnells in Stockholm
- Jean-Louis Huhta (musician), Per Huttner (visual artist) and Hernan Anllo (neuroscientist and hypnotist)
Entrance: 100kr
Klubb Mesmer and Vision Forum are proud to announce a 1+1=3 performance with a new hypnotic constellation. During the event Huhta will present a musical improvisation based on an EEG-recording of Huttner’s brain activity during hypnosis. He will feed the pre-recorded signals into his modular synthesizer to shape the control signals into a dynamic soundscape, using software and hardware developed by the collective.
The event will begin with Huhta being hypnotised by Anllo. The suggestion will make Huhta believe that his modular synthesizer controls Huttner’s brain cells and mental capacities. He will be asked to “give sense to Huttner’s brain” and to “put it back together.” At the same time the audience will be able to see images of the original hypnotic session mixed with real time videos from the event. Through this process the performers will reflect on artistic intention and the control mechanisms that are used in artistic performances.
The event will include a brief introduction about the technology that is used as well as the underlying artistic and philosophical ideas. The performers will also talk about how medical hypnosis changes attention allocation and modifies the regular functions of cognitive control. After the performance, the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions.
About 1+1=3
1+1=3 is a collaborative, open-source, non-commercial project run by Jean-Louis Huhta, Per Huttner and Stephen Whitmarsh and forms part of Vision Forum. They organise artistic collaborations and partnerships with other artists and researchers. Their starting point can be found in the willingness to allow each other to appropriate the other’s practice and knowledge-base, and to look at their own practice through the eyes of others. Together with Robert Oostenveld they have developed the EEGsynth, which is software and hardware to use naturally occurring bodily signals to control sound and light in performances and education.
To the far north


Vision Forum is travelling to Kirkenes and Murmansk with Wooloo Denmark and Pikene på Broen.
 Together they will investigate how the development of digital technologies and the rising price of real estate in our city centres affect the relationship between home and work. Together they will focus on three questions:
- How are the boundaries between living space and working space changing? How does architecture and city planning respond to these challenges?
- How can we make our daily life at work more rewarding?
- How can the young develop new ways to earn a living that makes them feel appreciated and engaged?
The group hopes to create a better understanding about the potential for the future of work and what can be done to make it more inspiring for the workforce and how people can find a deeper meaning in their existence. The research will create a better historical understanding about how the home and the workplace are linked as well as how art and culture can actively be a part of changing the social and physical fabric of the city.
The project will offer new contacts between four Nordic and a Russian city (Copenhagen, Kirkenes, Stockholm, Norrköping and Murmansk) and offer them an important creative and critical input. It will offer new ideas about how Nordic cities and their social networks can function more dynamically in the future. It will inspire new dialogues between disconnected players and develop methods and knowledge with long-lasting effects and impact.
The network’s activities will lay the foundation for an exhibition and connected events in conjunction with “Vallastaden 2017,” which is an international architectural expo that looks at the future of living and working. In preparation for the exhibition a group of Nordic creators will live with families in Linköping during two weeks and together reflect on the problematics of the project. This working method is based on Wooloo’s previous experiences with “Applied Hospitality” and will develop these ideas in a broader Nordic context.

The artists Lise Yuen, William Rawlings, Li Xiaofei and Per Huttner will travel in the project and meet artists and cultural workers from the region.

Per Hüttner at Museo Jumex



A ubiquitous radio broadcasting in Ulises Carrión’s footsteps

Unfold, in collaboration with Jumex Museum, Mexico City, De Appel, Amsterdam and documenta 14, Athens is thrilled to invite you to join the radio broadcasting event that inaugurates the building up of its upcoming last issue dedicated to the work of the Dutch/Mexican artist Ulises Carrión (summer 2018).

The radio show brings together Carrión’s fans and scholars alike across space and time with discussions, readings, and performances from all three cities. The radio show addresses the resonance of Ulises Carrión’s oeuvre in contemporary culture, as well as discusses current forms and strategies of (artistic) self-determination beyond, behind, or within institutions.

Three radio stations will be temporarily installed at Museo Jumex, De Appel and Parko Eleftherias in collaboration with three local web radios. Local audiences are welcome to join the event in one of the locations, while everyone, everywhere can listen to the broadcast on the world wide web.

In conjunction with the event, Per Huttner presents a performance drawing inspiration from Ulises Carrion’s “Gossip, Scandal and Good Behavior.”

22 APRIL 2017

12PM – 3PM (GMT- 6) – Mexico City
07PM – 10PM (CEST) – Amsterdam
08PM – 11PM (EEST) – Athens

Broadcasted live through:
Radio Tropiezo, MEXICO CITY
Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee, AMSTERDAM
Cannibal Radio, ATHENS (part of “Every Time A Ear di Soun”, a documenta 14 Radio Project)


Native Foreigners is initiated by the web publishing/archiving platform Unfold in the context of Ulises Carrión’s retrospective Dear Reader. Don’t Read at Museo Jumex in collaboration with the Society of Friends of Ulises Carrión, Parlament of Bodies, documenta 14 and the Ulisses Carrión Research Group, De Appel, Amsterdam.

Unfold is a project curated by Sara Giannini, designed by Raoul Audouin and funded by Vision Forum.

Start in the Middle in Rome

Start in the Middle (performance) by Per Hüttner (artist) and Carima Neusser (choreographer) with music by Siri Jennefelt.

Thursday April 27, 2017
AlbumArte | Via Flaminia 122, Rome

The performance, which closes Campo Grossi Maglioni exhibition, is open to the public by reservation only (time will be communicated to participants)

In conjunction with the closing of of Campo Grossi Maglioni exhibition, a project designed on the occasion of Grossi Maglioni duo’s ten years of activity.

Start in the Middle is a participatory event that mixes the formats of lecture and meditation into a seamless whole. The performers use sounds, lights, images and contemplative exercises to invite the audience to participate in a collective journey. The participation allows them to engage in physical and imaginative activities that opens paths to engage with their personal wishes and desires.

More info.

Per Huttner solo show in Stockholm


Per Hüttner – Wayob
- Galleri Fagerstedt, Stockholm April 6  – May 13, 2017 and performance May 2.

Galleri Fagerstedt is proud to announce Per Huttner’s second solo show with the gallery. The work in this exhibition is the outcome of a research journey undertaken by artist Per Huttner and fashion designer Emilia Rota in Guatemala and El Salvador in May and June 2016. The investigation set out to better understand the concept of “wayob” which in both ancient and contemporary Mayan language mean “sleeping.” But sleep here also indicates “nagual” which means a capacity to transform one self into animal and to move between different realities. In other words, in Mayan ontology a person is made up of three parts: a waking self, a sleeping self and an animal self.

For a westerner, the meeting with wayob is therefore a meeting between two profoundly different worldviews, not only on identity, but on the constitution of the universe. In order to interact with this outlook, one has to reconsider basic conceptions about nature and our own individual place in the world. The project creates bridges between worldviews from different times and different places. In a reality of infinite movement where there are also different layers, there is a need for dialogue between the different parallel worlds. There is a need for the “nagual” or a trickster. Characters like these recur in many indigenous Amerindian cultures. The trickster is dualistic someone who can both protect and cause harm. The photographic images depict transformations: people, creatures, characters in process of becoming something else and moving between worlds. They also depict the sensuality that can be associated with such transgressions, journeys and the potential that is inherent in the rediscovery of our bodies.

In the sculpture that is central to the exhibition the audience can discover how the research has led to the release of hidden powers in the human mind and body. The work is made up of curtain that covers the back wall of the gallery. A bed protrudes mysteriously a few inches from the wall, disappearing into another world. The curtain is made of the same material as one of the characters in the photos wear. Along the bottom light moves back and forward according to a complicated and unpredictable pattern. The light is a translation of the artist’s brain activity under hypnosis. It was recorded at Ecole normale supérieure in Paris in November 2016. It uses special technology that has been developed by the artist in dialogue with neuroscientists in France and Holland over the last three years.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Huttner and dancer Carima Neusser will present a collaborative performance. The work is a platform for the individual member of the audience to reflect on what role that emotions play in his/her life. Are we prisoners of our fears or do we follow our wishes and desires? What are the dangers and rewards that await us in life if we follow our emotions? The performance mixes the formats of lecture and meditation into a seamless whole to reflect on these and related questions. The artists use sounds, lights, images and meditative texts to invite the audience to participate in a collective journey in order to find hidden pleasure and beauty in their every day.

During the duration of the exhibition Per Hüttner will present new performative work at Museo Jumex in Mexico City, Albumarte in Rome and at Fullersta Gård in Huddinge. The sculpture has been developed with kind support from Kulturbryggan and the exhibition is supported by Vision Forum.

Private view April 6.

Robotics and Art in Paris

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 17.52.10

Vision Forum is travelling to Paris to investigate the possibilities of further research in dialogue with neuroscience, psychology and robotics. We work with Alan Winfield at Bristol Robotics Lab and David Mcgoran at Rusty Squid. The Vision Forum team involves participants who have worked with us for a long time with projects such as OuUnPo and the EEGsynth. Keep your eyes peeled on our Current Projects page to look for new developments. The meeting is not open to the public, but takes place in Paris April 11-12.

Global Media Café in Stockholm


Welcome to Global Media Café: A Second Home: Mediating Borders and Hospitality – A symposium bringing together academic and artistic perspectives on refugees, migration and citizenship’ The event, which includes four sessions and round-table discussions, starts at 9:00 am and ends at 5:30 pm, followed by a mingle. The event is hosted by The Department of Media Studies, and funded by the Leading Research Environment: Global Media Studies and the Politics of Mediated Communication. Participants include: Fataneh Farahadi, Jonathan Corpus Ong, Christian Christensen, Rebecca Bengtsson, Anna Roosvall, Tomáš Rafa, Florencia Enghel, Temi Odumosu, Erik Berggren, Kosta Ekonomou, Sebastian Dahlqvist and UNICORN, Abir Boukhari, Macarena Dusant, Jon Brunberg, Anusha Caroline Andersson Aca, Per Hüttner and Jasper de Rycker and other artists.

More info here.

4th MKP-meeting in Norrköping


Vision Forum is proud to announce the fourth MKP meeting in Norrköping March 20 to 21, 2017. This year’s seminar will focus on how the human body can be activated in a more dynamic way in learning in schools and museums. We are especially interested in exploring how the physical and intellectual processes interact in the young to create understanding of themselves and the outside world. The events will be held at CNEMA and Norrköpings konstmuseum and the program inclides a workshop by: Esther Mollo and David Ayoun from France; lectures by Måns Ahlin  and Lars Palm as well as a presentation by Mira Mutka. For program and more detailed information visit the MKP-website.

New Collaborations in France and the UK


After the successful launch of the Brain Control Club in October, Vision Forum now develop a collaboration with École Normale Superieur in Paris. The project is focused on recording Per Huttner’s brainwaves under hypnosis together with hypnotist and neuroscientist Hernan Anllo. The signals will first be treated by his colleague Stephen Whitmarsh using the EEGsynth and they will be used as a starting point for a musical composition by Jean-Louis Huhta. This recording will be the A-side of a 7″ single that 1+1=3 will release in 2017. For the B-side, Huttner will listen to the recording, again under hypnosis. This second recording will be treated by Whitmarsh and they will be used for a second musical composition by Huhta.


Huttner has also travelled with Vision Forum to London and Bristol to investigate the possibilities of further research in dialogue with neuroscience, psychology and robotics. The team involves Alan Winfield from Bristol Robotics Lab and David Mcgoran at Rusty Squid. The team involves also participants who have worked with us for a long time with projects such as OuUnPo and the EEGsynth.

A series of events and performances in Sweden


Per Huttner will present a series of performances, lectures and other public events in Stockholm, Norrköping and Växjö in the beginning of October. These include the ongoing research within the project MPK which investigates how methodologies from contemporary art can be integrated into education and pedagogy and talking about his practice to young creators as well as development of the collaborative project 1 + 1 = 3.

The Sound of Brainwaves – A presentation of the EEGsynth


EMS, Stockholm, October 7 at 6pm

Over the last two years, Jean-Louis Huhta, Per Hüttner and Stephen Whitmarsh (collectively : 1+1=3) have been researching the parallels between brain analysis and sound synthesis, as well as the potential of brain-controlled synthesizers in music and artistic performance. They developed their own real-time brain-controlled synthesizer they call the EEGsynth. The project remains completely open-source, which means that anyone interested in exploring the relationship between the brain and sound performance can use it and contribute to its development.
The idea of controlling music or musical equipment using EEG is certainly not new and has been around since the 60s. However, science and technology have advanced greatly since then, allowing a much broader participation in experimentation with brain measurements and sound synthesis. What is possible now? What could the future offer in this exciting field?
At EMS you will find out more about ideas and technology in the field. You will hear about how 1+1=3, in their next project will draw inspiration from Iannis Xenakis, who radically challenged ideas about music by letting his compositions be controlled according to the rules of stochastics (degrees of randomness). With the emerging possibilities of neuroscience controlling sound and composition, Xenakis ideas will be rediscovered in a new and stimulating manner. With the EEGsynth project the developers invite you to explore these questions and also to connect, to experiment, to learn, and to collectively push the boundaries of what is possible.
On October 7, you are invited you to a unique opportunity to hear about how the EEGsynth has been developed, how it works, and how you can become part of its future development. Jean-Louis, Per and Stephen will present their experiences of working around the globe (Brazil, the US, France, Germany and Greece) and will give a live demonstration.

Let’s explore the future of music together!


1+1=3 and the EEGsynth is supported by Innovativ kultur, Statens kulturråd, Konstnärsnämnden and Stockholm stad.

Uniformity-Animality in Guatemala and El Salvador

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 09.08.57

The first leg of the project Uniformity-Animality is a research journey to Guatemala and El Salvador. The project is lead by artist Per Huttner and fashion designer Emilia Rota. Together they will reflect on how dialogues between our rational selves and other potential and existing selves can or could co-exist. It is a journey into sexuality, power, patterns of the dominated and the dominating as well as how expressions of fear seep out in our everyday existence. The project takes its starting point from the idea in Mayan Cosmology that our beings are made up of three interconnected selves: the waking self, the sleeping self and the animal self. The participants will meet representatives of current Mayan society and how it expresses itself in.

1 + 1 = 3 launches new website

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 23.51.05


1+1=3 is an artistic collaboration between Jean-Louis Huhta (musician), Per Huttner (artist) and Stephen Whitmarsh (neuroscientist). We are proud to announce the launch of our website that documents some of the events and ideas that we have developed since we made our first performance together during the OuUnPo-session in Sao Paulo in 2014.

The starting point for our work can be found in our shared willingness to allow other to appropriate one’s practice and knowledge-base, and to look at one’s own practice through the eyes of others. We also collaborate with Robert Oostenveld in Holland to develop new EEG technology that can be used both for performances, scientific research and ideally in projects that bridge the two.

Per Huttner at Bonnierskonsthall in Stockholm

1989 Per Hüttner, Musse, Kalle och Joakim, 1989 copy

Sunday the May 22, Bonniers Konsthall opens their rebuilt gallery and presenting their latest exhibition: Collected Works! 30 Years with the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation. Over the course of the day dedicated to art, they proudly offer a program of talks, performances and events for both adults and children.

1.00pm: Opening speech, gallery director Sara Arrhenius.
2.00pm  Family viewing, with Sannah Salameh.
2.30pm Per Huttner performs 0/0 – for Jeanette
3.30pm: Family viewing, with Sannah Salameh.
4.00pm: Niclas Östlind presents the newly published book Collected Works! 30 Years with the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation.
5.30pm: Curator Theodor Ringborg in discussion with Caspar Forsberg, Linus Nordensson Spångberg and Max Ockborn, recipients of the 2015 Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation Grant.

Per Huttner was the recipent of Maria Bonnier-Dahlin’s grant in 1989 and the performance is carried out in honour of the grant and gallery’s founder Jeanette Bonnier.

EEGsynth US-tour


Vision Forum proud to announce the first public presentations of the EEGsynth, a tool that has been developed by musicians, artists and neuroscientists in Sweden, France and the Netherlands. The EEGsynth will be used in artistic performances and to create new research questions for neuroscience. The group (Per Huttner, Stephen Whitmarsh and Jean-louis Huhta) that has developed the EEGsynth will do a residency at A Ship in the Woods to create performances taking their starting point in the work of Samuel Beckett. They will also present the work at Sanford Consortium in San Diego. The trio will travel to Los Angeles and make a performance at 5 Car Garage with artist and hypnotist Marco Lutyens. The tour will be rounded off with two performances at the The Science of Consciousness Conference in Tucson in Arizona.

The project is supported by Innovativ kultur, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and the Swedish Arts Council.

The Shift at Flat Time House


In the eight years since Flat Time House opened, the stencil letters sprayed by John Latham on the walls stating ‘the shift’ have been a constant, ever-present among the works in exhibitions and a backdrop to all the events and discussions that have taken place. Their presence refers to the shift in perception from rational to intuitive thought, as well as the paradigm shift that would be required for the establishment to take on board the new cosmology presented by Latham’s theory of ‘Flat Time’. In 2003, Latham declared the house a living sculpture, naming it FTHo after his theory. Until his death, Latham opened his door to anyone interested in thinking about art and it is in this spirit that the space opened as a gallery in 2008. As we approach Flat Time House’s imminent closure and metamorphosis into a new articulation, this exhibition brings together works representing virtually all of the exhibitions and projects conceived at Flat Time House, and by the institute offsite, over the last eight years. Curated in collaboration with previous curator/directors Elisa Kay, Claire Louise Staunton and education officer John Hill, The Shift presents an extensive and overflowing selection of artwork that has been inspired by and conceived in this unique space.

Per Hüttner and Fatos Ustek are proud to participate in the Shift with texts that formed the foundation for their first performance together.

RtDB in Antwerp

gI_0_nasreddinhodja copyRiding the Donkey Backwards is a group of people with different backgrounds who wants to grow together with you. The project was initiated by Per Huttner and Jasper De Rycker. Together RtDB compile stories that are funny or sad; private or universal. The group’s third meeting will be held in Antwerp on March 20, 2016.

To read others’ stories or add your own, visit us on Facebook or our Youtube channel.

Video Capitale


Vidéo Capitale is a contemporary art event showcasing artist’s videos and short sets for a diverse audience. Every night at 5 p.m., village shop windows become filled with life from the full screen films being shown inside and that is visible to pedestrians in the street. The town and location are essential to a sublime and entertaining viewing experience in which tributary worldviews circle the art of life. The programming, purposefully left open, is composed of different genres and influences in conjunction with architecture, dance, documentaries and visual arts. The videos were made by young creators as well as recognized artists, all engaged in art.

Per Hüttner will show “Imminent” from 2016.

Per Huttner at Göteborgs konstmuseum


Per Huttner will show photographic work in the exhibition “Gärning – Fotografi ur Göteborgs konstmuseums samling” at Göteborgs konstmuseum. The exhibition opens  February 13 and is open to April 10, 2016. It is the first survey of contemporary photography from the collection of the museum.

Stalking Thoughts” at Verkstad konsthall

During MKP‘s first seminar in Norrkoping November 24 to 25. Tomas Nordmark and Per Hüttner performed “Stalking Thoughts” at Verkstad konsthall.

First “Riding the Donkey Backwards” workshop in Antwerp


Humor opens up opportunities for people to relate to traumatic experiences that they otherwise would not be able to relate to. Vision Forum develops new ways to work with refugees in Europe who are held back in their personal development by memories of traumatic experiences in their home country and during the flight to Europe. Within the framework of workshops with performance artists, refugees, psychologists and teachers will together develop new skills, new audiences and new artistic expressions.

The first workshop is organised by Jasper de Rycker and Per Hüttner. It is private and will take place in Antwerp December 4-6, 2015.

More information here.

Swedish Research Council’s annual symposium on artistic research


Stephen Whitmarsh and Per Hüttner will present the work carried out with the BrainSynth at the  25-26 November at Lund University’s faculty of arts in Malmö. The theme of the conference is the Art University – political dream or broadened future for art? The symposium will also demonstrate the width and depth of contemporary artistic research. We provide researchers and doctoral students with an opportunity to present their work at the symposium and discuss their research projects with a new, initiated Nordic and international audience.

Lecture at Valand Academy


Monday November 30 at 3.30pm Per Hüttner will make a presentation about Vision Forum and his own practice at Valand Academy in Gothenburg. The lecture means a return to his artistic roots since both his aunt, Agneta Goës and grandmother, Ingrid Goës are/were active artists in Gothenburg. It is also the town were Hüttner went to preparatory art school in the mid 1980s.

What is Potential? at the Wellcome Collection Reading


Wellcome Collection Reading Room, 10 October 2015, 13.00–18.00

Welcome to ‘What is Potential?’ – an event where a group of artists, curators and thinkers led by Per Hüttner get together to reflect on whether a 2,400-year-old philosopher and scientist can still offer tools to enrich our daily lives. Paying special attention to Aristotle’s thinking on potential, the group will explore how these ideas allow us to better understand how things change in and around us.

Potentiality is central to Aristotle’s thinking and also one of the most debated concepts. Something’s potentiality is its possibility to become something else. For example, a seed can become a tree, but it can also become food for a living being. Or we can call a man ‘thinking’ even when he is asleep and not actively engaged in reflection.

Falling between art and research, timed presentations and drop-in activity, we invite you to dwell on the issues addressed and hope you enjoy thinking about how they could relate to your life and experiences.

“Prototypes, Duplicates and Cast-offs” in Shanghai

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 4.55.11 PM

Assembly Line Project_2

Jiading Venue
Opening: November 15, 2-4pm
Exhibition Dates: Novembe16, December 15, 1-5pm (Closed Sun and Mon)
To Arrange a visit to the exhibition site please call 132 6267 3118
Address: Bldg 4, No 1288 Boxue Lu, Jiading District, Shanghai

M50 Venue
Opening: November 15, 5-7pm
Exhibition Dates: November 16-December 5. 11am-6pm (Closed Mon)
Room 210, Bldg 3, No. 50 Moganshan Lu, Putuo, Shanghai

Chen Hangfeng (Chinese Artist)
Grass Stage: Wu Meng, Yu Kai, Wu Jiamin, Liu Nian, Bruce Bo Ding, Jia Ying (Chinese theatre collective)
Per Hüttner (Swedish Artist)
Li Xiaofei (Chinese Artist) + Liu Heping (Chinese Poet)
Liao Wenfeng (Chinese Artist)
Liu Guangyun (Chinese Artist)
Mao Chenyu (Chinese Film Director/Anthropologist)
Performing Objects: Céline Butaye, Alice De Mont, Kristof Van Gestel
and Bie Michels (Belgian Artist Collective)
Egill Sæbjörnsson (Icelandic Artist)
Xiang Liqing (Chinese Artist)
Xiao Kaiyu (Chinese Poet)
Lise Yuen (Norwegian Artist)

More info here.



Vision Forum is proud to announce the launch of Unfold, a curatorial experimentation on the digital folder to trigger associative thinking, anti-authorial agency, movement of thoughts, untimely collaborations.

Re-generated by seven guest curators every two months, Unfold is a library hosting shifting constellations of artistic content, books, found objects and software, both newly commissioned and already existing. Like all libraries, Unfold is a space of copies, copies of copies, appropriations, heterogeneity and contradictions.

Unfold is the final outcome of the VOLUME project, a research and artistic project focusing on the concept and agency of the library curated by Sara Giannini in collaboration with 98weeks Research Project (Beirut) and Vision Forum (Stockholm).

Per Hüttner contributes to Ö – A Möbius Trip



Vision Forum is proud to announce the release of the “Ö – A Möbius Trip” publication and CD. It is a multi-facetted and collaborative book created over two years that brings together different journeys undertaken by an international group of artists.

The publication will be presented under performance-like circumstances in Stockholm and London:

- Dream of the Palace – A gesamtkunstwerk created by Henrik Sputnes and Vilma Luostarinen in collaboration with Felicia Atkinson, Rasmus Persson which forms a sattelite to the XIVth OuUnPo-session The Fugue – Hallwylska museet, September 15, 12 am – 3pm.

- What is Potential? Exploring Aristotle, Art and Medicine, October 10, 2-6pm 2015 at the Wellcome Reading Room.

Both events are free of charge and open to the public. The publication was edited by Isabel Löfgren and Per Hüttner and designed by Erik Månsson. Find out more about Vision Forum’s publications here.

Troubled Water. From Transcendental Aesthetics to the Global Economy

DSC03925 copy

Per Hüttner will present work in the 10th Baltic Contemporary Art Biennial which focuses on the cultural, philosophical, economic and ecological aspects of the sea. At least since the age of Romanticism, inherent qualities of mystery and horror have helped made the ocean a transcendent symbol in the canonical topos influencing the European imagination. Artistic presentation, often metaphysical and melancholic, makes it possible to trace these semantic meanings and cultural entanglements.

From the pragmatic approaches taken in the 17th and 18th centuries that portrayed the sea chiefly as a medium for developing trade and military conquest, today’s artistic treatment depicts the sea as ensuring the continuity of consumption on a global scale. As such, the sublime associations that provided the foundation for phantasmagoric content have given over to practical consideration of the effects of exploitation.

Read More.

“Deterritorialisation” and “reterritorialisation”


Deleuze and Guattari use terms “deterritorialisation” and “reterritorialisation” frequently in their book A Thousand Plateaus (we know that the terms are annoying to pronounce). The two writers use “soft” concepts in the book. The softness of the ideas allow them to change with time and context. For example, a child might have problems with reading and writing, but is very good at expressing herself by dancing. The reterritorialising powers want her to be like the other children, but a pedagogue might develop deterritorialising methods so that she can express herself with dance in school instead of the normal reading and writing forms of expression.

Read the whole text.

Back in Cali


Per Hüttner returns to Californa for the 10 years anniversary of Torrence Art Museum. Showing vintage drawings from 2013 with puns and Hollywood stars in a magic mix.

1 + 1 = 3 workshop in Greece

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 17.30.08

July 19-24, 2015, Per Hüttner, Jean-Louis Huhta and Stephen Whitmarsh will carry out a workshop on the BrainSynth in Athens. The BrainSynth will allow anyone to use their own muscles activity, eye-movements, heart beat and brain activity to control music-synthesizer equipment in real-time. The interface is being developed as an instrument for both artistic and scientific exploration, research and expression. The construction of the BrainSynth is done with affordable off-the-shelf components and the development will be done in according to open source and open hardware principles. (More technical details here.)

Aristotle at Wellcome Collection

DSC09290 copy

Wellcome Collection in London announces a collaboration with Per Hüttner that will take place October 10, 2015. The project  uses the logic of art to discuss issues that are central in the human body and medical science. It takes its starting point in the work of Aristotle, one of the most well-known and oldest of the names on the Wellcome Reading Room’s frieze. The event will unfold during an afternoon and will unlock hidden potential of the space and inspire the audience to find new ways of thinking and interacting. The project will activate all the 10 stations (face, breath, mind etc.). It will start in ‘travel’ and move around the room. Some of the interventions will be on-going throughout the afternoon while others might last only a few seconds or simply be a poem posted on a wall. Some will be clearly announced and visible, while others are made to remain virtually invisible. More info.

“Back To The Trees”

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 02.42.28


Per Hüttner will take part in “Back To The Trees,” an interdisciplinary and collective folly in the french forests on june 27. More info and travel descriptions here. Madness will descend on La Vieille-Loye, which  is a commune in the Jura department in Franche-Comté in eastern France. The estimate for the 2004 population was 363. “Back To The Trees” will more than double the population.

Baraques du 14, Forêt de Chaux, La Vieille-Loye, Franche Comté
From 5pm to 2am , June 27

New Work in Shanghai


Per Hüttner will show a new installation in Shanghai entitled “3 Novels Dissected” as a part of the exhibition “Assured Stability” at V Art Center. The work circles around  The Castle by Franz Kafka, The Passion According to G.H. by Clarice Lispector and The Chronicle of a Blood Merchant by Yu Hua. The installation reflects on how literature and narrative moves between stable and unstable states. Instability is often the driving force behind action, suspense and passion. The three books depict individuals whose lives, in greatly different ways, are thrown into flux by social forces that strive for balance, uniformity or even submission. Private view May 30, 2015.

V8skan in May at Nobel Museum


During the month of May 2015, you can try V8skan every Tuesday at 5.15 the Nobel Museum (free entrance.)

V8skan has been developed by artist Per Hüttner in collaboration with the Turkish curator Fatos Üstek and focuses on eight laureates in chemistry, physics, medicine, economics, and literature 1927-2009. The work draws inspiration from popular science and board games in order to suggest a new interface for visits to the museum and novel ways to discover the Nobel laureates’ discoveries and philosophies.

Per Huttner in Athens


[A history with a present and a (probable) future]
International Workshop
Athens, 14-15, May 2015
Athens School of Fine Arts , Athens, Greece.
[256, Peiraios street , Athens, 18233 ]

Art & Body, Performance
Unit of research : “Fronts and Borders”
Institut Supérieur des Beaux Arts (ISBA)
Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA),GR


Per Hüttner writes about Verkstad
Per Hüttner has written an introductory text to Verkstad: Rum För Konst  that documents the first 6 years of the Gallery/Cultural space with the same name based in Norrköping. It also includes texts by Susanne Ewerlöf, Erik Berggren along with ample documentation from the Verkstad’s exhibitions and  events.
V8skan at the Nobel Museum

henri.detail.low.web _elenor.low.web

Welcome to preview of V8skan at the Nobel Museum 6-7.30pm, April 16 with artist Per Hüttner (free admission).

V8skan has been developed by artist Per Hüttner in collaboration with the Turkish curator Fatos Üstek and focuses on eight laureates in chemistry, physics, medicine, economics, and literature 1927-2009. The work draws inspiration from popular science and board games in order to suggest a new interface for visits to the museum and novel ways to discover the Nobel laureates’ discoveries and philosophies.

The project is made up of eight specially designed briefcases that offer a starting point for a collaborative process. Each briefcase has been created for a group of 2-6 people and the visitor can choose which laureate to work with based on their personal interests. Together the members of group develop thoughts and discussions with the starting point in a given laureate and his/her universe.

With V8skan Hüttner continues his research into how performance art can revitalise academic and scientific representation and gives the audience the opportunity to participate in artistic and scientific performance.

V8skan provides an excellent opportunity to meet a group of friends, colleagues or family for an experience that generates conversation and exchange. Together you will have the opportunity to rediscover each other at the same time as you find out more about the discoveries of an important artist or scientist.

For the preview on April 16 Hüttner will present the project and how he has developed the project. You will also have the opportunity to try one of the briefcases. The presentation will be in English.

V8skan is supported by Längmanska kulturfonden and Stockholm stad.

Nobelmuseet, Stortorget 2, Gamla Stan, 103 16 Stockholm, Sweden

Anders Olofsson on The Silence


Anders Olofsson has written a beautiful text about The Silence at Galleri Fagerstedt in Stockholm. He says that the film “is one of the most intriguing video pieces he has seen in years.” Read the article here (in Swedish only).

Open doors in France


Per Hüttner will show these larger than life photos at Portes Ouvertes at ISBA in Besançon in France on February 4, 2015. The day is devoted to reflections on male and female and the photos will be shown on the sliding doors at the entrance at the institute. The images come from the promo material that the artist created  for Ö – a Möbius Trip.

New Solo Exhibition in Stockholm Announced


Per Hüttner will present his exhibition ‘The Silence’ at Fagerstedt Gallery in Stockholm February 19 – March 28, 2015.

The exhibition brings together two bodies of work created for greatly different contexts that both investigate that fine membrane between you and me. The work examines how we, human beings, are both all the same and yet infinitely different. Same, because we all begin and end our lives the same way; and different because no two instances in the history of the universe is ever the same. In any interaction with other human beings these similarities and differences are activated. Huttner, in other words returns to a central question in art, philosophy and religion that has occupied man since the beginning of time and that beckons our attention without ever offering any solutions.

The film ‘The Silence’ was commissioned for the VOLUME project in Beirut in 2014. The work is clearly inspired by Bergman’s Persona, Buñuel’s El ángel exterminador and shows two women who are imprisoned in a library and whose situation is pushed to its extreme when the world goes mysteriously silent. The circumstances pushes the two women to make life changing decisions in the face of the events.

In conjunction with the film, the artist shows a series of photographs that depict an object that was developed for a performance at Pinacoteca in Sao Paulo in 2014. The object is made up of three interconnected circles of different white fabrics that have been twisted once and in and forms a complicated Möbius strip. In the photographs we see four feminine hands that handle the object delicately. Are these the same hands that work on the books in the library? What are the hands trying to negotiate? Where does the object come from and what purpose does it serve?

A special performance will be presented on February 18 with a limited number of places. Please contact the gallery to book your free ticket well in advance.

Per Hüttner returns to Hallwylska museet


On February 6, 2015 Per Hüttner will perform a “Decision-making Fugue” with long term partner Elias Arnér at Hallwylska museet in Stockholm. The event forms a part of the 14th OuUnPo research session entitled the Fugue that is curated by Stephen Whitmarsh and Elena Nemkova and that brings art and science into multiple dialogues. Huttner has collaborated with the museum on numerous occasions. The image above shows a detail from the Neither You nor Me in collaboration with Anders Mossling och Anders Paulin from 2012.

Book Release in Stockholm and Gothenburg


Vision Forum in collaboration with Skogen and Blvvd organises a double release event for the catalogue for the Temporality and the Dislocation of Self project with the intriguing title March 8 – August 30. The book is edited by Anders Paulin and includes contributions by Anders Paulin, Sandrine Nicoletta, Tor Lindstrand, Rita Nettelstad, Johan Forsman, Tova Gerge, Iggy Malmborg and Per Hüttner. The book is an outcome of a series of workshops carried out in private and public spaces in and around Stockholm. Together the authors reflect on theatre, performance, identity, time and much more.

In Stockholm the event will include an installation by Rita Nettelstad, a discussion lead by Iréne Berggren about the book, a performance by Tomas Nordmark and Carima Neusser; a DJ set by Tomas Nordmark and a live performance by Dungeon Acid.

Welcome Saturday, November 29 at 8pm.

Stockholm: Hornhuset, Långholmsgatan 15, Stockholm

In Gothenburg the event will start at 4pm

Skogen, Masthuggsterrassen 3, Göteborg

More and even More.

Per Huttner at Pinacoteca and SPET in Sao Paulo


For the OuUnPo session  “We Are what We Lost,”  (November 7-16, 2014) Huttner will organise a tour through the tactile collection of Pinacoteca. In order to underline the tactile aspect he will “deprive” the audience of one of its senses. Rather than depriving them of their sight, which would be the expected thing to do, he will make the whole performance silent. In other words no one will speak. The audience will be lead through the collection (by OuUnPo members) – with the idea that the visitor feels the sculptures and their guide at the same time. The OuUnPo members will wear specially designed clothes by French fashion designer Emilia Rota. The clothes will be designed in a way so that they indicate which parts of the bodies can be touched and which cannot. The tour will start in the normal collection and each pair will cross one of the walking bridges at Pinacoteca and enter into the tactile collection. The OuUnPo members will also art encourage the audience to touch architectural details and other non-art objects. When the audience is waiting (before and after) the group will remain silent, while filing their nails and doing other actions from Helio Oiticica’s work.

Huttner will also present an experimental performance in collaboration with local artist Gustavo Sol, neuroscientist Stephen Whitmarsh and sound artist Jean-Louis Huhta. The performance is based on Samuel Beckett’s last play “What Where” and looks for alternative forms of creating scores for performances using neuroscientific and digital technologies.

March 8 –August 30 is Out

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 00.48.53 copy
The publication, March 8 –August 30, Temporality and Dislocation which is edited by Anders Paulin is out. It contains a poetic text by Per Hüttner that is based on 8 hexagrams from the I-Ching or the Book of Changes and that reflects on the limits of creativity and the importance of having a home to return to. The book is the outcome of a series of workshops organised by Anders Paulin entitled Temporality and the Dis-Location of Self. A double release event will take place in Stockholm and Gothenburg on November 29, 2014.

Per Hüttner at Volume in Beirut


Swedish artist Per Huttner invites the citizens of Beirut to an artistic walk through their city (at Assabil Library on September 12, 5.30pm at  Geitawi Garden in Beirut) that will be followed by the screening of a short film entitled “the Silence” that the artist has created specifically for the Volume project (At 7pm at 98weeks.) Both works look at how metaphysics and politics of our everyday lives dialogue to shape our existence. Huttner introduces an imaginary silence that mystically descends on the inhabitants of the city and stops them from both uttering or hearing any sounds. In the film we follow women who are mysteriously trapped in a library and who follow the political changes that take place outside as a crippling silence descends on the city and their lives. Drawing from Ingemar Bergman and Louis Buñuel The Silence is both a reflection on the library, Huttner’s Nordic upbringing and creates a wedge between imagination and reality that compels us to reflect on values that we normally take for granted. The project is a collaboration with cinematographer and director Yang Tingting.


Dark Light at Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival

 Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 22.38.47 copy

Vision Forum Film is proud to announce that the short film “Dark Light” by Per Hüttner has been selected for the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, 16-30 September, 2014. “Dark Light” was created by artist Per Hüttner’s project for the 33e Panorama da arte brasileira in Sao Paulo in 2013. It was filmed in Trinidad in the same year with a local producer and local actors.

In the film, we follow two men who inhabit the same space and who still cannot see or communicate with each other. Through a discovery on the beach, one of the two men finds a tool that allows the two to communicate. “Dark Light” asks questions about how we can influence our lives in positive ways and particularly how a small shift in our outlook on existence can change the very fabric our how we live. In the era of self-help books and consumerism we often look for outside influences (education, work, marriage, travel) to change, while Hüttner suggests that a small change in our perspective on the world can have a far bigger impact.

Equally, the film suggests that the solutions to our problems usually lie closer than we expect and asks what can be done collectively to make these visible. It looks at how people who similarly live very different lives can become united through new discoveries and novel links. However, in order to do so, we need to keep an open mind and an open spirit.

Günther ont Günther plays in Stockholm
Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 11.33.07 copy

Günther ont Günther opens for Dungeon Acid and Per Hüttner does live video for DA.


Friday, May 23 at 10:00pm

Fabriken in Stockholm, Sweden

Per Hüttner at Fondazione Oristiedi in Sicily


Per Hüttner will contribute to OuUnPoïesis which is the third OuUnPo session dedicated to the topic of «Catastrophe and Heritage» and will take place in the town of Gibellina Nuova (Sicily) in collaboration with the Fondazione Orestiadi and the C.R.E.S.M.

The session is organised by Claudia Squitieri and Raffaella della Olga and will take place May 11-18 it will be end with a collective performance by OuUnPo. on May 17 which is the European Night of the Museums.  Here you can find more info about OuUnPo and OuUnPoïesis.



Per Hüttner participates at Normalcy at Moderna Museet, Stockholm


Vision Forum node Ö – A Möbius Trip will participate at Normalcy Bar at Moderna Bar April 25, 2014.

In 2011, a group of artists embarked on a trip in the Stockholm archipelago in search of a lost island. According to marine archaeologist Atle Baekken, the existence of this island had been kept alive in myth and song within the old villages of the archipelago. However, the knowledge about it has been lost as the archipelago has now been transformed from a place of subsistence (fishing, farming, etc.) to a gigantic touristic resort attracting thousands of sailors and wealthy owners of summer homes. In an attempt to rediscover the island, 8 artists set out on an expedition to follow the traces of this island. On this trip, one hundred guests were invited to testify to the discovery of this island.

The Ö project was initated in 2011 by Isabel Löfgren and Per Hüttner within the framework of Vision Forum. Participating artists are: Camila Sposati, Andrea Hvistendahl & Atle Baekken, Marcia Moraes & Egill Saebjornesson, Valerio del Baglivo, Cecilia Ahlqvist, Samon Takahashi, Lillevän Pobjoy, Jean-Louis Huhta, Isabel Löfgren and Per Hüttner.

Click here for more information about the project.

Per Hüttner Exhibition, Video program and residency in Münich
DSC03935 copy


Lise Kolstad Yuen, Li Xiaofei, Per Hüttner, Liu Guangyun, Chen Hangfeng, Tang Maohong and Xiang Liqing

Opening: Friday, May 9, 7 pm

HALLE50, Städtisches Atelierhaus, 50 
Margarete Schuette-Lihotzky Strasse, 30
D-80807 München

Saturday, May 10, 6 – 8 pm: Film evening (screening program with Chinese video-films)

WERKSTATTKINO, Fraunhoferstr. 9, 80469 München


“Change & Exchange” Exhibition results from the rapid social and economic growth of China and the manifestation of the spiritual state of Chinese people. From the spring of 2014 onward, seven artists from China will stay in Munich for a month during which the they will compose works for exhibition in halle50 through detailed observation on the city’s specific scenery.

“Change” bears weight in meaning. To remain stable is regarded as rigid and inflexible in the Chinese context. However, what is strange about the present situation in Chinese society is that “change” and “stubborn adherence”constantly coexist in the wrong way. With the over- emphasis attached to “change” in society nowadays, people are inclined to swiftly adjusting to different things while neglecting the necessary adherence to the righteous ones. The present problem that we are facing is how we can, in the awkward and uneasy situations in which we conduct our abundant undesirable choices, “change” and learn how to deal with people and things, and “change” the way people communicate with each other, either vis-a-vis or through means of multi-media. As what people are lacking in today is not technology, but a multi- faceted and in-depth mindset from which the evil side of ours can be diminished to the greatest degree.“Exchange” is in a sense broader as compared with that in China before the 21st Century, which we believe still falls short of our expectation. As we are quite painstakingly moving forward, we must undertake a lot of pressure from various sides which leads to the change in the sense of values, cultural property and traces of history. In this light, the exhibition “Change and Exchange”builds up a bridge for communication which clearly and objectively represents the process of adapting to globalization today which influences both the individuals and society as a whole.Besides, the key words for the rapid growth of Chinese economy (such as “assembly line”) will have direct dialogues with concepts like “specialization” and “adaptation”while simultaneously come face to face with the priciples of sucess in Western economy. The exhibition of “Change and Exchange” will search for common ground and common elements, hoping to find a way of expression in the form of modern art.

Exhibition concept: Li Xiaofei

Curatored by COLLABORATION_project

Per Hüttner in Mexico City

Alam + Petrov are proud to present its first solo exhibition by Per Hüttner in Mexico in collaboration with The City of Mexico and the Embassy of Sweden. For the project “Poseidon Recreates Lake Texcoco,” at Villa Punk, Swedish artist Per Hüttner teams up with musician Dungeon Acid to reflect on security and risk-taking with starting point in Homer’s “Odyssey” and James Joyce’s “Ulysses.”For the installation Huttner makes use of the unique situation of having a gallery in a hotel. He will invite the guests to reconfigure specially designed aquariums during their stay. He will also reshape an electric pole into a giant oar that will be placed vertically on the roof of the Hotel. The pole alludes to the “Winnowing Oar,” Odysseus was instructed by a soothsayer to take an oar from his ship and to walk inland until he finds a people who know nothing of the sea, where the oar would be mistaken for an agricultural instrument. At this point, he is to offer a sacrifice to Poseidon, and then at last his journeys would be over. The project forms the second part of the Schendel-Fahlström Institute for Research, where the first part was realized at MAM in Sao Paulo in October 2013


Performance by Per Hüttner and Jean-Louis Huhta, 4pm, 29 March, 2014
Concert by Dungeon Acid, 8pm, 29 March, 2014
Private view: 6-8pm, 3 April, 2014

Alam + Petrov, Gobernador Rafael Rebollar 80 esq. Gelati, Col. San Miguel Chapultepec, Mexico City

The exhibition is open until June 1

La Durée Workshop at the Nobel Museum

On March 17, Per Hüttner and Fatos Üstek held a talk and a workshop with the staff and educators at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm to prepare for the project they will present in 2014. In the internal memo to the museum they write

“The project that we bring to the Nobel museum is an attempt to relate slightly differently to the institution. We investigate where it is possible to slightly shift how people think about the museum and how the audiences interact with what is on display. We do so with the hope of making the daily working process a little bit more interesting for you, the audience and us. We try to bring out the innate curiosity that lives in all of us and at the same time re-activate the knowledge produced by eight laureates. In order to do this we are dependent on a series of dialogues and exchanges:

We are relatively ignorant about your audience therefore dependent on your expertise as educators and also to tap into your experiences and knowledge in mediating what you know about the museum and the laureates. The workshop will be an opportunity both talk about these questions and also to discuss the 7 briefcases that will play the central role in the project – so that we together can agree on how to create the briefcases in the best of ways.”

Think Again publication out

Vision Forum is proud to announce its latest publication. It documents the Think Again project that took place in Shanghai and Hangzhou in May 2012 with projects at Rockbund Art Museum, Mingshen Museum and many more venues. The book is beautifully designed by Guo Xingling from Shanghai and published with Fei Art Center and contains rich visual documentation and critical texts. The book inlcudes work by Wooloo, Natasha Rosling, Per Hüttner, Olav Westphalen, Li Xiaofei, Olafur Jonsson and two texts by Per Hüttner.

Per Hüttner with Dungeon Acid in Port-au-Prince


Dungeon Acid and Jean Claude Saintilus performing in Port-au-Prince

Jean-Louis Huhta/Dungeon Acid has performed with Per Huttner twice as part of the Ghetto Biennale. First performance was a collaborative improvisation where the two mixed the sounds of the interviews carried out in “Is Misunderstanding Misunderstood?” and the sounds of Huttner playing the cage that was the project’s HQ. The second was a collaboration with artist Adler Pierre where Huttner played percussion and local MCs were rapping.

Jean-Louis Huhta and Per Hüttner performing at Rue de Magazin de l’Etat.



“Jogging in Exotic Cities” in the Media

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 3.18.07 PM

Per Hüttner’s work “Jogging in Exotic Cities” keeps getting attention. This month Chinese journalist Cheng Wan writes about the project in Beijing-based publication Traveler Magazine. You can read more here (in Chinese only). Parallel to that, Kenneth Gysing is writing about the same project and Hüttner’s approach to running in the Swedish edition of Runners World. More info about the project here.

“I am a Curator” after 10 years – What Defines an Artistic Practice?
Event at David Roberts Art Foundation, London – October 29 at 6.30pm.In spring 2003 Chisenhale Gallery commissioned Per Huttner to create an exhibition that reflected on collective and collaborative practices and to developed his experimental exhibition practice. The outcome was I am a Curator (IAAC), a project where people from all walks of life came to the gallery for a day to reflect on the complexity of art and exhibition-making. They did so by researching and negotiating the work of 57 artists with the help of a technical and conceptual team.For the project’s 10-year anniversary, David Roberts Arts Foundation (DRAF) has invited Per Huttner to think about the project and how IAAC has influenced exhibition making.IAAC, along with a handful of other experimental projects, introduced a practice whereby exhibitions changed throughout the time that they were open to the public. The project also provoked profound questions about artistic identity and its relationship to collectivity. Both shifts, in turn, lead to changed perspectives on the relationship between artworks, exhibitions, curators and artists. In short, IAAC opened a floodgate of problematics that overwhelmed the team working with the project. It is therefore important to revisit these questions after 10 years have passed and to see how they have influenced individual artistic processes and how they can guide us into meaningful future reflections on related issues.For the event Per Huttner will reflect of the project together with Celine Condorelli, Stephen Whitmarsh and Veronique Wiesinger.For more info visit here, here or here.
Per Huttner to join 33 Panorama da arte brasileira at MAM, Sao Paulo


Per Hüttner will show a piece called “The Fahlström-Schendel Institute for Research” at the 33 Panorama da arte brasileira, curated by Lisette Lagnado at Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM) in Sao Paulo in October. The work includes a new film shot in Trinidad in 2013, work by Öyvind Fahlström on loan from Moderna Museet in Stockholm, work by Swiss-born brasilian artist Mira Schendel from the MAM collection. More info about the exhibition here.
First OuUnPo publication

Vision Forum is proud to announce the first OuUnPo publication that documents the session in Porto that the took place in spring 2012. The book is edited by Samon Takahashi and Claudia Squitieri, designed by Åbäke and published by Dent-de-Leone. It comes with an 11-track CD and includes documentation of the research carried out in Portugal. The publication includes two texts by Huttner and documentation of the performance, Her Sad Pardone that was performed in collaboration with Fatos Ustek.

Godzilla and the Phoenix in Japan

18-27 June, 2013

Coordinated by Per Hüttner and Samon Takahashi with support by Najomo.

Venues: Mori Art Museum, Spiral/Wacoal Art Center, BankART 1929, Institut français de Tokyo, Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo, Gallery 360°, Creative Hub 131, Traumaris, Kameido Studio, Koganecho Bazaar, Zou No Hana, Nitehi Works, Musashino Art University, Shuhaly farm and Publicus Nihonbashi.

Godzilla and The Phoenix is the second phase in a series of events organized by OuUnPo, and will take place in Japan between 18-27 of June, 2013. OuUnPo has chosen the two mythical creatures, Godzilla and The Phoenix as a starting point to develop dialogue and research with local partners in Japan. The goal is to use local knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of how renewal and creativity are interlinked. Godzilla and The Phoenix represent east and west, but also rebirth from destruction, underlining that every fundamental societal change is based on a different outlook on the world.

The session will address issues like: how can historical problem resolution help and/or mislead us in the present? How do our expectations of the future shape how we see the reality that surrounds us and how we act in the present? How can exchanges between different disciplines and between different cultures offer tools to help us to foster creativity and safeguard diversity?

Previously, OuUnPo held a session in Lebanon (December 2012) and after the Japan session, the group will continue to investigate future topics in Sweden (May 2014) and Brazil (September 2014). During each session, OuUnPo looks at how heritage and crises are linked to explore the similarities and differences in how people respond and deal with situations of regeneration in each country– and most importantly, how negative situations can be used for the development of new ideas and solutions.

OuUnPo is a group of artists, curators and researchers, and operates like an itinerant laboratory co-creating and sharing knowledge through artistic production. Please go to the OuUnPo blog or visit us on Facebook to find a detailed program including addresses and links.

Contributors: Sara Giannini, 西原 鶴真(Kakushin Nishihara), 武谷 大介(Daisuke Takeya), 藤井 光(Hikaru Fujii), 高山 明(Akira Takayama), Natasha Rosling, Yane Calovski, Nikola Nikolovski, 猪飼 尚司(Hisashi Ikai), 柳原 照広(Teruhiro Yanagihara), Damien Faure, 塚本 由晴 (Yoshiharu Tsukamoto ), 東京ピクニッククラブ(Tokyo Pic-Nic Club), Natalia Kamia, 丹羽 良徳(Yoshinori Niwa), Marcus Petterson, Åbäke, 山本 高之(Takayuki Yamamoto), 小泉 明郎(Meiro Koizumi), Raffaella della Olga, 諸泉 茂(Shigeru Moroizumi), 新野 圭二郎(Keijiro Niino), 近藤 健一(Kenichi Kondo), Zeina Assaf, Boat People Association, 山野 真吾(Shingo Yamano), Bucci, 嶋田 勇介(Yusuke Shimada), 須弥山(Shumisen), 工藤 丈輝(Taketeru Kudo), 稲吉 稔(Minoru Inayoshi),  Fatos Ustek, Stephen Whitmarsh, Queen’s Ostrich, Elena Nemkova, Carl Stone, Christophe Charles, Megane, 遠藤 一郎(Ichiro Endo), 西﨑 健人(Takehito Nishizaki), 杉田このみ(Konomi Sugita), Jacopo Miliani, 曽我 高明(Takaaki Soga), 中里 和人(Katsuhito Nakazato), 嘉藤 笑子(Emiko Kato), Claudia Squitieri, Per Hüttner and Samon Takahashi.

Godzilla and The Phoenix is supported by Embassy of Sweden in Japan, Institut français de Tokyo, Spiral/ Wacoal Art Center, Musashino Art University, The Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation.

OuUnPo is supported by CREED and Linköpings universitet.

Per Huttner at Palais de Tokyo

Per Huttner shows a freshly edited version of the 2010 video “Do not Go Gentle” at Palais de Tokyo in Paris. It forms a part of Transmedia, curated by Yang Qingqing and organized by Shanghai Theatre Academy. It will be on display June 1-14. More information about the project here and about the exhibition here.

Vision Forum Film publication


Per Hüttner contributes with two texts to the catalogue “Vision Forum Film Three Film Collaborations between Sweden and China.”It looks at three projects that Vision Forum has undertaken in 2011-12: The River by Yang Tingting, Effektivia by Jesper Frilund and Assembly Line by Li Xiaofei. The book is edited by Rudi Heinrichsen, translated by Yan Rong and beautifully designed by Erik Månsson.

“This publication is the outcome of “Film and Visual Art: Globalization and Democracy in Sweden and China” , a project that we have developed, in cooperation with Fei Art Center in Shanghai, in order to inspire young people to become involved in issues of globalization, democracy, and human rights through collaborative film ventures. We have brought together young people from Sweden and China and allowed them to reflect on how human beings respond to the pressure that is put on young people in our globalised world.”

Find out more here.