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An Infinite Love at Kl.9. takes its inspiration from surgery and love. One of the most obvious and yet hushed up features of being a medical doctor, is the love for the other’s body. This love can transform the violence of the scalpel into healing care. Similarly the artist can transform the ugly, discarded and unwanted into something aesthetically pleasing that moves its audience’s emotions. There are, in other words, parallels between surgery and art. It is love that bring these two universes i dialogue: Love for the body; love for life. A love that is sometimes expressed, with the help of objects that cut and transform. At Kl. 9 we bring objects from the world of art and surgery together. We can look at them and think about their function, aesthetic qualities and what happens when they meet. We let them talk about the love they have experienced, expressed and the transformations they dream of becoming a part of in the future.

Barbara Polla, Joakim Forsgren and Per Hüttner present an exhibition project in three parts in collaboration with SKF/Konstnärshuset, Kl. 9 and Kulturhuset. Artistic guided tours form  an integral part of the project. They take place on June 9 and 10. The visitor can sign up for the guided tours where he/she will meet the exhibitions, the artists and much more. To join, find a free slot at (www.visionforum.eu/3k/). Send an email with your name, the time you want to attend along with your phone number to (3k@visionforum.eu) The guided tour is in Swedish or English according to your desires. The project forms a part of “An Infinite Love” and is supported by the Swedish Arts Council.

Works by the following artists form a part of the project:

Barbara Polla, Roxane Varone, Per Hüttner,  Joakim Forsgren, Andreas Hiroui Larsson, Rita Natarova, Julien Serve, Mehdi Harzallaoui, Alpha Xiao, Ikram Abdulkadir, Anna-Lisa Fransson, Marja-leena Sillanpää.

The exhibition program Kl.9  was initiated in January 2021 and is run by writer Jenny Danielsson (jenny [at] theartword.com) in collaboration with artist Max Ronnersjö. Kl. 9 presents a new installation the first Monday each month.

Instagram: @kl.09.00.