In Residence x 2 at La Generale in Paris

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In spring 2019 Vision Forum organised a 4-day festival in Stockholm called Transformation. It investigated how naturally occurring nerve signals from muscle and brain can be used in musical composition and performance production. During the festival composers, musicians, technology developers and researchers met to investigate the aesthetic potential of biofeedback in music. The events and meetings led to a rich surge of reflections, development of new ideas, new research topics, new technological development, new collaborations and new artistic projects.The event was greatly appreciated by audience, participants and the media. During lockdown in spring 2020, Vision Forum organised the online festival Transformation II in collaboration with French online radio P-node.

In 2024, Vision Forum will organise Transformation III in Paris together with our French partners. The project will already start in 2023 with multiple residencies, public presentations and concerts at La Generale and at Le Cube Garges in October and November 2023. The festival in France will bring together artists from multiple fields, researchers primarily from neuroscience and technology developers from many field. Participants come from Sweden, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK and Japan. For the week September 25 – October 1, Swedish and French musicians will be working together with the EEGsynth technology.

Per Huttner will be in residence at La Generale September 25 – October 1 with Gael Segalen and Samon Takahashi and with Ludvig Elblaus and Thomas Auroux  October 25 – November 1, 2023.