Huttner almost in Iran


Vision Forum Director Per Huttner makes a performative lecture entitled “Parallel Structures” with the online platform The Teheran Summit on May 19, 18.00 CET.

In the talk he will first make a short demonstration of the EEGsynth. It is a technology platform that him and others in the VF team use to make performances with the help of brain activity. We use medical electroencephalogram (or EEG) technology and we measure the brains inner workings on the outside of the skull. The signals that are produced, we connect to influence sound, light, moving images etc.. (virtually any digital platform).

For The Teheran Summit he works with sound. After the short demonstration he outlines how he sees how this practice connects with his artistic practice and its place in the world today. He means that “to make art today is more essential than ever. It constitutes what Vaclav Havel calls ‘parallel structures.’ Worlds that function differently from the mainstream. People who seek ‘truth’. As you all know well, using that word today means opening a can of worms, but we cannot shy away from it any more. We have to discuss empty rhetoric as well as lies that are spread in order for a few to profit from it, while the great majority sees their freedoms shrinking.”
To join the meeting, please use this link