Good News in Hard Times


1+1=3  has received a grant from the Swedish Arts Council for a tour with and the EEGsynth in Japan, China and Korea, which means that Per together with Jean-Louis Huhta and Samon Takahashi will play at multiple venues in the far east. The EEGsynth team has also struck a sponsoring deal with Ableton Live, so that they can use the software to make new and exciting music with their brain and muscle activity. The deal comes in the wake of the fact that the collective was invited to the 2020 edition of Ableton Loop, which has been postponed to 2021.

Per Huttner  has also received funds from Längmanska kulturfonden to invite a researcher from Bristol Robotics Lab to Sweden. He will also participate  in “2084″ with a performances (October 9-11, 2020) at the Cable Factory, Helsinki. He is invited by Catalysti. The project is curated by Anne Klontz. These encouraging news show up at a time when everyone’s future looks especially frail and uncertain, which makes them all the more welcome.