From Cods to Seals


Per Huttner forms a part of the team that will investigate animal communication in Gotenburg April 18. Among other things, the Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Tiokasin Ghosthorse will talk about how the Lakota people see animals and also talk about the amazing Lakota languag as well as how water is a being and even how water constituted the first form of consciousness on the planet. In the group, theyoffer fascinating and yet wildly different perspectives on what language can be, how we understand animals and what water is. Huttner will together with Robert Oostenveld create music based on cod fish’s mating calls. Koen de Reus present how seal pups communicate The group use new technology and ancient wisdom to offer fresh perspectives on how we see the animals whom we share the planet with. In March Huttner will travel to Gothenburg to prepare for the event.