EEGsynth at 3031 Art Fest


Per Huttner will lead the EEGsynth team when it offers members of the public the opportunity try the music platform and to make sounds with their brain activity. The workshop takes place at at Darb1718 and forms an integrated part of the  3031 Art Fest. During the workshop visitors will use electroencephalogram to influence sounds. Three people at the time can use the device to make music together in real-time.

Welcome to join us March 8 at 6pm.

The EEGsynth allows devices for electrophysiological recordings (e.g. EEG, EMG and ECG) and analogue and digital devices (e.g. MIDI, OSC and analogue synthesizers). With the EEGsynth one can use electrical brain/body activity to flexibly control devices in real-time. The EEGsynth is intended as a collaborative interdisciplinary open-source and open-hardware project that brings together programmers, musicians, artists, neuroscientists and developers. Brain-Computer-Interfaces (BCIs) and neurofeedback systems.