Dream workshop in Bergslagen

Artists and filmmakers Per Huttner, Van Che and Fabien Guillermont will create an interdisciplinary film workshop at Teatermaskinen in Riddarhyttan September 5-11, 2022. The workshop will lead to the production of a documentary film. During the workshop seven people will live and make short film sequences based on the dreams that they dream during the workshop.

In the group, we are curious to see how working practically with filming their dreams influence their nightly lives. What kind of feedback loops between sleeping and waking lives become visible? Together we use the film medium and dreams to make invisible values visible – values that are so fundamental to us that we are unable to see them.


Berit Engman
Toan Van Che
Fabien Guillermont
William Becker
Jonas Engman
Frederique Roy
Josefin Arnell
Leila Anna Christina Salvesen
Per Hüttner

The project will lead to the production of a documentary film and is supported by The Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Region Västmanland.