Aristotle at Wellcome Collection

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Wellcome Collection in London announces a collaboration with Per Hüttner that will take place October 10, 2015. The project  uses the logic of art to discuss issues that are central in the human body and medical science. It takes its starting point in the work of Aristotle, one of the most well-known and oldest of the names on the Wellcome Reading Room’s frieze. The event will unfold during an afternoon and will unlock hidden potential of the space and inspire the audience to find new ways of thinking and interacting. The project will activate all the 10 stations (face, breath, mind etc.). It will start in ‘travel’ and move around the room. Some of the interventions will be on-going throughout the afternoon while others might last only a few seconds or simply be a poem posted on a wall. Some will be clearly announced and visible, while others are made to remain virtually invisible. More info.