Alpha Xiao returns to Stockholm


- Alpha Xiao plays live at Hökarängens antikvariat 19.30 on May 20 (doors open at 18.30).

Alpha Xiao is an experimental musical group consisting of a portable electroencephalagraph (EEG) modulating designed audio samples (Per Huttner) and a traditional Chinese flute called a Xiao (Will Stafford). The two person constellation  focuses musically on connectivity through rough sketches of compositions, sounds and themes. As brain waves influence certain dynamics of the sound, and vice versa, a type of feedback loop is generated between the activities of the brain and sound produced ad infinitum. Alpha Xiao has been active in its musical exploration of mental and musical space since 2020 and participated in “An Infinite Love” at Konstnärshuset in 2021.

Johan Hellis will DJ before and after the concert. Entrance is free and contributions welcome.