1+1=3 at Fullersta Gård in Stockholm


1+1= 3 will present a new performance in conjunction with the opening of “If Seeing is Believing” curated by Susanne Ewerlöf at Fullersta gård in Huddinge. The trio will reflect on time and cyclicality in neuroscience, art and music between 12 noon and 4pm on November 11, 2017.

Living organisms are  framed by the cycles of their environment, but they do not passively mirror them: from the circadian generator to heart pacemaker cells, biological organisms embed different kinds of cycles. More than that, they are themselves embedded in the cycles of birth and death. In a way, our mind is a micro-cosmos of synchronization: Using electroencephalography (EEG) the group can record oscillatory activity in the brain and observe their and waxing and waning in time with our mental life. It is, in fact, possible to understand the relationship between our mental life and EEG activity to a degree that we can learn to control them. Especially if we, thanks to modern neuroscience, are able to experience them directly. For this purpose 1+1=3 has developed the EEGsynth, with which they transform EEG into sound and explore the rhythms of the brain. The EEGsynth is a collaborative interdisciplinary open-source and open-hardware project, bringing together musicians, artists, neuroscientists and developers in artistic, pedagogical and scientific exploration.

1+1=3 has started creating an album and a publication using the EEGsynth, and in which they explore the relationship between brain activity, sound, and time. The will be using using their sonic and EEG instruments to create and manipulate sonic expressions of time. They will  invite the visitor to join them in this investigation, to see how we work, and discuss with us your ideas of time, and how we can enter into it.